Efficient reliable UDP unicast, UDP multicast, and IPC message transport.

Performance is the key focus. Aeron is designed to be the highest throughput with the lowest and most predictable latency possible of any messaging system. Aeron integrates with Simple Binary Encoding (SBE) for the best possible performance in message encoding and decoding. Many of the data structures used in the creation of Aeron have been factored out to the Agrona project.

For details of usage, protocol specification, FAQ, etc. please check out the Wiki.

For those who prefer to watch a video then try Aeron Messaging from StrangeLoop 2014. Things have moved on quite a bit with performance and some features but the basic design still applies.

For the latest version information and changes see the Change Log with downloads at Maven Central.

Code Quality Rank: L4
Programming language: Java
Tags: Messaging    

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