Camel lets you create the Enterprise Integration Patterns to implement routing and mediation rules in either a Java based Domain Specific Language (or Fluent API), via Spring or Blueprint based Xml Configuration files, or via the Scala DSL. This means you get smart completion of routing rules in your IDE whether in your Java, Scala or XML editor.

Apache Camel uses URIs so that it can easily work directly with any kind of transport or messaging model such as HTTP, ActiveMQ, JMS, JBI, SCA, MINA or CXF together with working with pluggable Data Format options. Apache Camel is a small library which has minimal dependencies for easy embedding in any Java application. Apache Camel lets you work with the same API regardless which kind of transport used, so learn the API once and you will be able to interact with all the Components that is provided out-of-the-box.

Apache Camel has powerful Bean Binding and integrated seamless with popular frameworks such as Spring, Blueprint and Guice.

Apache Camel has extensive testing support allowing you to easily unit test your routes.

Apache Camel can be used as a routing and mediation engine for the following projects:

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