Code Quality Rank: L4
Programming language: Go
License: Apache License 2.0
Latest version: v3.1.5

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Runtime API SDK Primitives Controller Proxy

Note The original Java implementation has moved to atomix/atomix-archive to be archived.

Atomix Runtime

Atomix is a cloud native runtime for building stateful, scalable, configurable, and reliable distributed applications in Kubernetes. The runtime API provides a set of high-level building blocks (referred to as distributed primitives) for building distributed systems. The architecture of the Atomix runtime incorporates the lessons learned from experience over the past decade building high-availability cloud infrastructure. The primary focus of the runtime is to decouple applications from specific data stores, instead providing a set of unified, polyglot interfaces (gRPC services) to a variety of systems and protocols, and enabling rapid experimentation and customization of distributed applications.

  • api - provides the Protobuf API defining distributed primitives
  • sdk - the core Go library for extending the Atomix runtime, including drivers and custom primitives
  • controller - the runtime Kubernetes controller responsible for managing stores, injecting proxis, and configuring primitives according to configuration defined in k8s custom resources
  • primitives - common primitive state machine, proxy, and server implementations
  • proxy - the sidecar proxy used by applications to operate on distributed primitives