Auto v1.7 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-10-10 // 6 months ago
  • This is the same as 1.7rc1, with one small addition:

    • ➕ Add a way for extensions to retrieve the name of the final AutoValue_Foo class. (4543619)

    🏗 Thanks to @bryanstern for checking that the API changes for builder introspection do indeed work in a real extension.

Previous changes from v1.7.rc1

    • ➕ Add an API to allow AutoValue extensions to find out about builders. (86f4563)
    • 🏗 The generated AutoValue builder class is no longer final if there are extensions generating code. This means that extensions can subclass Builder to modify or extend its functionality. (49fbf55)
    • 🏗 Property builders now work correctly when their actual return type is different from the corresponding property type because of type variable substitution. (7646889)
    • 👍 Allow @AutoValue getters to define properties that are not valid Java identifiers, for example get1st(). (6dfa04e)
    • ➕ Add a propertyTypes() method to AutoValueExtension.Context, to allow extensions to see the true type of every property. In preference to properties().get(p).getReturnType(), extensions should use propertyTypes().get(p). (99ae134)