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  • v1.1

    March 08, 2005
    * Fix a bug in the syntax highlighting code of the HTML report
      generation.  Previously, the highlighting for single quotes
      containing "\\" would not end correctly.
    * Check the third party jars into CVS using the correct CVS
      substition flag (binary, not ASCII).
    * Temporary files created by the instrument ant task and merge
      ant task are now deleted after the ant task finishes.
    * Switch the instrumentation classes to use ASM instead of
      Apache BCEL.  There are three benefits to this:
      1. BCEL was throwing exceptions with some source code compiled
         with JDK 1.5--ASM works fine.
      2. ASM is licensed under the revised BSD license, which
         is compatable with the GPL, which allows us to remove
         the questionable exception for BCEL.
      3. Instrumentation is about 5 times faster with ASM than BCEL.
    * Modify the HTML reports so that classes without line number
      information will appear as "Not Applicable."  This includes
      skeleton classes, stub classes, interfaces, or anything not
      compiled with debug=true.
    * Fix bug #1151777 with a patch from Jeremy Thomerson.
      Previously we were not escaping some characters correctly in the
      generated XML coverage report (specificially < and >).
    * Set the class-path in the cobertura.jar manifest file correctly.
    * Fill feature request #1151779 with a patch from Jeremy Thomerson.
      This changes the structure of the XML report so that <classes> are
      enclosed inside <packages>.
    • Copyright (C) 2010 Tad Smith
  • v1.0

    February 12, 2005
    * Forked jcoverage 1.0.5 (although the version in the source says 1.0.4).
      All original code is copyright 2003 jcoverage ltd.  Kurt Guenther
      highlighted a bug in the branch coverage, was was fixed.
    * Applied a patch from Joakim Erdfelt to fix a bug where jcoverage
      would fail to instrument classes if you attempted to instrument a
      very large number of classes (in the hundreds).
    * Rewrote the HTML reporting and included code complexity in the output.