Cobertura v2.1.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2015-02-26 // over 9 years ago
    • 62 Parse error on Java 1.7 combined exception
    • 69 Branch coverage may exceed 100%, resulting in awkward HTML reports
    • 104 Some tests fail on Windows due to incorrect Escape characters
    • 111 Lexical error at line xxx, column xxx.
    • 137 Incorrect (it seems) bat and SH files
    • 166 Error when using Java 8
    • 175 Cobertura 2.0.4 will create breaking changes to plugins
    • 179 Instrumentation fails when there is no base directory
    • 187 Error: Could not find or load main class net.sourceforge.cobertura.instrument.Main in Cobertura 2.0.3
    • 190 Will Cobertura (or ASM) Support Java 7 with Correct Coverage?
    • 201 Test failure in current 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT
    • 202 Cobertura needs to update minimum Java requirement to Java 6
    • 203 Cobertura needs an SLF4J binding in compile scope
    • 204 Add a limited runtime project for Cobertura, like the one that was available in 2.0.3
    • 206 Multiple tests fail when building with Java 6
    • 213 Replace all usages of java.util.logging with SLF4J
    • 229 ERROR - loadCoverageData

Previous changes from v1.8

  • * Ability to have multiple <ignore/> regular expressions
      in the instrument task (Alexei Yudichev).
    * Ability to specify a minimum branch coverage rate and
      line coverage rate for each package when using
    * Show the number of lines and branches covered and the
      total number of lines and branches in the HTML report.
    * Support for instrumenting classes written in Groovy.
    * Lock the data file before trying to write to it.  This
      allows multiple JVMs (or multiple class loaders within
      a single JVM) to write to the same coverage data file
      with no problems (John Lewis).
    * Ability to instrument classes on a given classpath
      instead of specifying filesets (John Lewis).
    * Ability to specify which classes will be instrumented
      using regular expressions (John Lewis).
    * Archives within archives will be instrumented if you
      specify an includeClassname regular expression (John
    * If instrumenting an archive, remove any signatures
      and checksums, since they will no longer be valid (John
    * Removed the Class-Path line from cobertura.jar.  You may
      need to modify your Cobertura taskdef to include the jars
      in Cobertura's 'lib' directory.  See our Ant task web
      page for an example.
    * Reorganized libs into a flatter directory structure--you
      may need to update your ant scripts.
    * Upgraded from asm 2.1 to asm 2.2.1.  No code changes were
    * Copied portions of classes from JavaNCSS into Cobertura
      so that we don't need to include the entire JavaNCSS and
      CCL jars.