JavaFX Tools provided in the library :

1) CustomStage - Stylable Undecorated Window

2) SceneManager - Tool to manage all the scenes and their Controllers

3) FileLoader - Tool to load Files

See the full description/examples at wiki : https://github.com/Oshan96/CustomStage/wiki

Programming language: Java
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: GUI     Java     JavaFX     Undecorator     CustomStage     Framework     Stage     CSS    
Latest version: v1.3.1

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CustomStage Mentioned in Awesome JavaFX

A JavaFX undecorated stage which can fully be customized

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An Implementation See the code in wiki at "A complete implementation"

CustomStage Implementation

Additional Tools provided (After v1.3.0)

Checkout the CustomStage Wiki for more examples and documentation.

Using CustomStage ?

  • Fork the repository and update with this readme's Projects using CustomStage section in the following format adding your project details and do a Pull Request!

Project_Name : Brief_Description

Projects using CustomStage

  • RentLio : This is a vehicle reservation system. Which is made with JavaFX and also using hibernate and RMI.


This CustomStage is a JavaFX undecorated Stage. To put it simple, CustomStage is a Window and you can add different views (FXML files) to the window (like changing the scene of the window) as you prefer. The basic problem making the Stage "Undecorated" is that you will not be able to, 1) Resize the window using mouse. 2) Lose the default action buttons. 3) Move the window (by dragging) (etc.)

So, CustomStage will get rid of all of these issues since it includes, 1) Window resizing (the ResizeHelper class is used here with minor modifications) -> ResizeHelper class 2) Default action buttons and their behaviour (close, maximize/restore, minimize) 3) Window dragging

What else?

  • Window is automatically scaled as for screen resolution
  • Very responsive
  • Apart from those, this is called CustomStage since it can be customized as you wish


  • Easy. You can get your customized Stage using the [CustomStageBuilder](src/main/java/lk/vivoxalabs/customstage/CustomStageBuilder.java) class. This class includes all the methods you will need to customize your window.

How to use?

Starting from version 1.3.1 CustomStage releases are/will be available through JCenter and MavenCentral




  dependencies {
    compile 'lk.vivoxalabs.customstage:CustomStage:1.3.2'

Download via Jitpack (Will not be possible for releases after v1.3.1)


Add jitpack as a repository

repositories {
    maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }

Add dependancy

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.Oshan96:CustomStage:v1.3.1'


Add jitpack as a repository


Add dependancy


Or download and add as a dependancy to your project

How to use a CustomStage?

  • An example is provided in [How to use a CustomStage](examples/v1_0_0/StageTest.java) for a complete implementation


  • To achieve transparency, see [Transparent CustomStage](examples/v1_0_0/TransparentStage.java)

Transparent CustomStage

  • CustomStage with custom icons for (close,minimize,maximize/restore) buttons [CustomStage with custom icons](examples/v1_0_0/CustomIconStage.java)

CustomStage with custom icons


CustomStage API Documentation can be found here : CustomStage Documentation

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Feel free to post issues in "Issues" for further improvements

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the CustomStage README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.