JavaFX Tools provided in the library : 1) CustomStage - Stylable Undecorated Window 2) SceneManager - Tool to manage all the scenes and their Controllers 3) FileLoader - Tool to load Files

See the full description/examples at wiki : https://github.com/Oshan96/CustomStage/wiki

Programming language: Java
Tags: GUI     Java     JavaFX     Undecorator     CustomStage     Framework     Stage     CSS    

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  • CustomStage - A JavaFX undecorated stage which can fully be customized.

    The wiki page covers all the documentation of the library including it's additional features such as;
    SceneManager - A tool to communicate/load the JavaFX fxml views and their controllers
    FileLoader - Load files to memory and collect them when needed.
    Article  Added by Oshan96 // github.com // about 1 year ago