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Latest version: v2.56

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  • up to 10 times faster 100% JDK Serialization compatible drop-in replacement (Ok, might be 99% ..). As an example: Lambda Serialization which came with 1.8 worked instantly.
  • Android compatible since version >= 2.17 (use FSTConfiguration.createAndroidDefaultConfiguration() both on server and client side. The configuration object has to be passed into FSTObjectIn/Output constructors)
  • OffHeap Maps, Persistent OffHeap maps
  • FSTStructs is very similar to IBM's packed objects. Difference is: You can run it with Oracle JDK today.
  • optionally en/decode any Serializable object graph to JSON (incl. shared references) (since 2.29) for interop
  • Apache 2.0 license since 2.17


Fast JDK-compatible Serialization

Json Serialization

OffHeap + Persistent Maps

MinBin cross platform binary format

Kson: a JSon extension

Struct Emulation (currently not covered by tests)


note: maven.org might lag 1 day behind after releasing.

2.0 version


jdk1.6 compatible build of fst 2.x


1.x version (different package name, 1.6 compatible ..). Fixes are not backported anymore, unsupported.


Who uses FST ?

I am not actively tracking use, maven.org reports more than 14000 downloads from 6000 distinct IP accesses triggered by maven builds world wide per month.

Notable also:

  • used in production in Eurex Exchange's trading back end's middleware
  • JUptr.io's distributed system / NLP engine uses FST
  • Popular Apache Wicket supplementals use FST to speed up Wicket

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how to build

  • master contains dev branch/trunk.
  • 1.x contains old version
  • The maven build should work out of the box and reproduces the artifact hosted on maven.org
  • To use the gradle build, you need to configure the proxy server in settings.properties (or just set empty if you do not sit behind a proxy).

Note that instrumentation done for fst-structs works only if debug info is turned on during compile. Reason is that generating methods at runtime with javassist fails (probably a javassist bug ..). This does not affect the serialization implementation.

JDK 1.6 Build 1.x build since v1.62 are still jdk 6 compatible

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the FST README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.