GraphHopper v0.12 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-03-25 // almost 3 years ago
    • 📇 renamed VirtualEdgeIteratorState.getOriginalEdgeKey to more precise getOriginalEdgeKey #1549
    • ♻️ access refactoring #1436 that moves AccessValue into SpatialRule.Access
    • ♻️ refactoring of EncodingManager to use builder pattern. Migration should be simple. Replace new EncodingManager with EncodingManager.crea- The methods GraphHopper.setEnableInstructions/setPreferredLanguage is now in EncodingManager.Builder
    • 👍 EncodingManager.supports renames to hasEncoder
    • ♻️ big refactoring #1447: to increase 64bit limit of flags, make reverse direction handling easier, to allow shared EncodedValues, remove reverseFlags method, much simpler property access, simplify FlagEncoder (maybe even deprecate this interface at a later stage)
    • 🚚 moved shp-reader into separate repository: