Hazelcast Jet v4.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-03-02 // 3 months ago
  • Hazelcast Jet 4.0

    • ⚡️ Updated Hazelcast IMDG version to 4.0, which brings many new features
      🐎 such as a revamped metrics system, improved performance.
    • 👍 Jet now supports calling user-defined Python function from within a
      pipeline using the mapUsingPython transform.
    • 👍 Snapshots now offer support for distributed two-phase commit (2PC),
      👍 which enables end-to-end exactly-once processing support for sinks and
      sources such as JMS and files.
    • 👷 Clients can now collect the results of jobs they have submitted via
      💅 Rx-style Observables.
    • 👉 Users can now add custom metrics to their Pipelines.
    • 👍 The distribution has been improved with support for daemon mode and
      🌲 rolling file based logging.
    • 👷 Snapshot statistics (keys & bytes saved) and job lifecycle-statistics
      👷 (no. of jobs submitted, terminated and so on) can be tracked via
      metrics now.
    • Debezium-Jet connector is now available in hazelcast-jet-contrib. The
      connector makes it possible to stream changes from a database into Jet,
      also known as Change Data Capture (CDC).
    • A Kafka Connect adapter is added which enables using any Kafka Connect
      source inside Jet.
    • 👷 It is now possible to specify the main class when submitting jobs from

Previous changes from v3.2.2

  • Hazelcast Jet 3.2.2

    1. Enhancements

    ⚡️ [core] Update IMDG version to 3.12.6 [#1908]

    🛠 1. Fixes

    [core] Fix an issue which could lead to an older watermark overtaking a newer one [#1882]