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HertzBeat | [中文文档](README_CN.md)

An open-source, real-time monitoring system with custom-monitor and agentLess. | 易用友好的实时监控系统,无需Agent,强大自定义监控能力.

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Home: hertzbeat.com | tancloud.cn

Running HertzBeat in osrc.com Open Source Runtime Community

🎡 Introduction

HertzBeat is an open-source, real-time monitoring system with custom-monitor and agentless. Support web service, database, os, middleware and more.
We also provide Monitoring Cloud For Saas, people no longer need to deploy a cumbersome monitoring system in order to monitor their website resources. Sign in to get started for free.
HertzBeat supports more liberal threshold alarm configuration (calculation expression), supports alarm notification, alarm template, email, dingDing, weChat, feiShu, webhook and more.
Most important is HertzBeat supports Custom Monitoring, just by configuring the YML file, we can customize the monitoring types and metrics what we need.
HertzBeat is modular, manager, collector, scheduler, warehouse, alerter modules are decoupled for easy understanding and custom development.
Welcome to join us to build hertzbeat together.

HertzBeat's multi-type support, easy expansion, low coupling, hope to help developers and micro teams to quickly build their own monitoring system.


🥐 Architecture


🐕 Quick Start

🍞 Install HertzBeat

HertzBeat supports installation through source code, docker or package, cpu support X86/ARM64.

1:Install quickly via docker
  1. Just one command to get started: docker run -d -p 1157:1157 --name hertzbeat tancloud/hertzbeat

  2. Access localhost:1157 to start, default account: admin/hertzbeat

Detailed config refer to Install HertzBeat via Docker

2:Install via package
  1. Download the installation package GITEE Release GITHUB Release
  2. Need Jdk Environment, jdk11
  3. [optional]Configure the HertzBeat configuration yml file hertzbeat/config/application.yml
  4. Run shell $ ./startup.sh
  5. Access localhost:1157 to start, default account: admin/hertzbeat

Detailed config refer to Install HertzBeat via Package

3:Start via source code
  1. Local source code debugging needs to start the back-end project manager and the front-end project web-app.
  2. Backend:need maven3+, java11, lombok, start the manager service.
  3. Web:need nodejs npm angular-cli environment, Run ng serve --open in web-app directory after backend startup.
  4. Access localhost:4200 to start, default account: admin/hertzbeat

Detailed steps refer to [CONTRIBUTING](CONTRIBUTING.md)

4:Install All(mysql+tdengine+hertzbeat) via Docker-compose

Install and deploy the mysql database, tdengine database and hertzbeat at one time through [docker-compose deployment script](script/docker-compose).

Detailed steps refer to [Install via Docker-Compose](script/docker-compose/README.md)


✨ Contributors

Thanks these wonderful people, welcome to join us:
[Contributor Guide](CONTRIBUTING.md)

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HertzBeat is an incubation project of Dromara Open Source Community.


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  • hippo4j : 强大的动态线程池框架,附带监控报警功能

🛡️ License

Apache License, Version 2.0

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the HertzBeat README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.