JaCoP v4.8 Release Notes

    1. Removing -f (format) and -p (precision) option flags. Flatzinc uses instead --format and --precision. Option -f is used to denote free search, based on AFCMaxDeg/AFCMax variable selection method. The default search (no search annotations) still uses the old search method for compatibility reasons.

    🖨 2. Improving debug information print-out for flatzinc.

    1. Improvement in propagation for XinA constraint.

    2. Improvement in pruning of task duration in Cumulative Basic constraint.

    3. New implementation of counting constraints in flatzinc. Some compile to Atleast and AtMost. Original at_least and at_most are deprecated from version 2.4 of Minizinc.

    4. New CountVar constraint and its flatzinc interface.

    5. Changeing Scala compiler to 2.13.1 and making related code chnages.

    6. Not recognized search options in flatzinc are ignored instead of aborting computation.