Programming language: Kotlin
License: Apache License 2.0
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Latest version: v2.0.3

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jasync-sql is a Simple, Netty based, asynchronous, performant and reliable database drivers for PostgreSQL and MySQL written in Kotlin.

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Getting started

// Connection to MySQL DB
Connection connection = MySQLConnectionBuilder.createConnectionPool(

// Connection to PostgreSQL DB    
Connection connection = PostgreSQLConnectionBuilder.createConnectionPool(
// Execute query
CompletableFuture<QueryResult> future = connection.sendPreparedStatement("select * from table");
// work with result ...
// Close the connection pool

See a full example at jasync-mysql-example and jasync-postgresql-example.
More samples on the samples dir.

For docs and info see the wiki.



<!-- mysql -->
<!-- postgresql -->


dependencies {
  // mysql
  compile 'com.github.jasync-sql:jasync-mysql:2.1.6'
  // postgresql
  compile 'com.github.jasync-sql:jasync-postgresql:2.1.6'


This project is a port of mauricio/postgresql-async to Kotlin.
Why? Because the original lib is not maintained anymore, We use it in ob1k, and would like to remove the Scala dependency in ob1k.

If you want information specific to the drivers, check the [PostgreSQL README](postgresql-async/README.md) and the [MySQL README](mysql-async/README.md).

You can view the project's change log [here](CHANGELOG.md).

Follow us on twitter: @jasyncs.


Version 1.x always returns JodaTime when dealing with date types and not the java.util.Date class nor jdk-8 dates.
Version 2.x works with java 8 DateTime objects (java.time.LocalDateTime and such).
This post can help with migration.

Who is using it

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The graph above is from only couple of services using it. Y-Axis is # of queries per minute.

There is also a TechEmpower test using ktor and jasync-sql.

Zeko SQL Builder compared jasync to hikary and vertex:


Latest & greatest version is Maven Central

The driver was forked from mauricio/postgresql-async and is compatible with it (but not jdbc compatible!). More details in wiki.


  • Initial support in jasync 0.9.51.
  • Support for 0.8 released version since jasync 1.0.12.
  • Upgrade to GA 1.0 R2DBC (spring boot >= 3) was done in jasync 2.1.0. jaync-sql 2.0.8 will be the last version that's compatible with r2dbc <= 0.9.1. See also FAQ.

Postgis support added in 2.1.7 (see blog post).

Unix domain socket support was added in 2.1.6 (see #175).

Chanlog is currently documented in github release page. Previous ones can be found here and older here.

Notable changes:

  • First driver release is version 0.8.20.
  • First driver release to maven is 1.0.0.
  • Migrating from joda to java 8 times was done in 2.0.0 (see #233). Versions <= 2.0 are not suppoprted anymore.


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Pull requests are welcome!

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the jasync-sql README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.