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  • v0.1 Changes

    May 27, 2012
    • Started using version numbers, friendly to tools like Maven, and placing packages in a sort of Maven repository (issue #10)
    • Before loading a JNI library, the Loader now also tries to extract and load libraries listed in the @Platform(link={...}, preload={...}) annotation values, and to support library names with version numbers, each value has to follow the format "libname@version" (or "libname@@version" to have Builder use it for the compiler as well), where "version" is the version number found in the filename as required by the native dynamic linker, usually a short sequence of digits and dots, but it can be anything (e.g.: "[email protected]" would map to "", "libmylib.4.2.dylib", and "mylib.4.2.dll" under Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows respectively)
    • All files now get extracted into a temporary subdirectory, and with the appropriate platform-dependent linker options, or with libraries patched up after the fact with tools such as install_name_tool of Mac OS X, most native dynamic linkers can load dependent libraries from there
    • Stopped using as hash key in Loader (very bad idea)
    • Changed the default value of the @Index annotation from 0 to 1, and fixed the Generator when it is used with member getters and setters
    • Renamed mingw-*.properties to windows-* for consistency
    • Made the Generator allocate native heap memory for callback arguments passed @ByVal (in addition to FunctionPointer), rendering their behavior consistent with return @ByVal in the case of function calls (issue #16)
    • Generator now uses std::runtime_error(std::string&) instead of assuming that some nonstandard std::exception(std::string&) constructor exists (issue #17)
    • Fixed Generator producing incorrect code when applying invalid annotations such as @ByVal on a method that returns something else than a Pointer object (issue #18)