JavaCV v1.5.7 Release Notes

Release Date: 2022-02-11 // almost 2 years ago
    • Fix accuracy and latency issues with FFmpegFrameGrabber.setVideoFrameNumber() (pull #1734)
    • Add new Frame.pictType field set to I, P, B, etc by FFmpegFrameGrabber (pull #1730)
    • Set metadata for AVFrame.opaque in FFmpegFrameGrabber with call to av_frame_copy_props() (issue #1729)
    • Add charset property to FrameGrabber and FrameRecorder to use for metadata from FFmpeg (pull #1720)
    • Call Frame.close() on temporary clones in Java2DFrameUtils to prevent premature deallocations (issue #1716)
    • Ignore errors from avcodec_send_packet() and avcodec_receive_frame() to emulate old API in FFmpegFrameGrabber (issue #1679)
    • Upgrade dependencies for OpenBLAS 0.3.19, OpenCV 4.5.5, FFmpeg 5.0, librealsense2 2.50.0, Leptonica 1.82.0, Tesseract 5.0.1

Previous changes from v1.5.6

    • Enhance audio and video synchronization of JavaFxPlayVideoAndAudio sample (pull #1662)
    • Add FrameGrabber.grabAtFrameRate() to simulate a device or stream when reading from files (pull #1659)
    • Update FFmpegFrameGrabber and FFmpegFrameRecorder with new avcodec API (issue #1498)
    • Add new Similarity sample with PSNR and MSSIM (pull #1622)
    • Avoid crash in FFmpegFrameRecorder.stop() by moving av_write_trailer() out of flush() (issue #1616)
    • Upgrade dependencies for OpenBLAS 0.3.17, OpenCV 4.5.3, FFmpeg 4.4, librealsense2 2.44.0, Leptonica 1.81.1