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License: MIT License
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Latest version: v3.4.009

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jbock-compiler jbock

jbock is a command line parser, which uses the same annotation names as JCommander and picocli. However it makes no use of reflection whatsoever. It is an annotation processor that generates simple parsing code at compile time. jbock requires Java 11.

Quick start

Create an abstract class, or alternatively a Java interface, and add the @Command annotation. In this class or interface, each abstract method corresponds either to a named option or a positional parameter.

abstract class DeleteCommand {

  /* Path, not Optional<Path>:
   * This positional parameter is required (multiplicity = 1).
  @Parameter(index = 0,
             description = "A positional parameter.")
  abstract Path path();

  /* OptionalInt, not int or Integer:
   * This named option is optional (multiplicity = 0..1).
  @Option(names = {"-v", "--verbosity"},
          description = "A named option.")
  abstract OptionalInt verbosity();

The following two classes will be generated: DeleteCommandParser, DeleteCommand_Impl.

The *Parser class can be used directly in a main method:

public static void main(String[] args) {
    DeleteCommand command = new DeleteCommandParser().parseOrExit(args);
    // ...

In addition to parseOrExit, there is also a basic parse method with no side effects. Please see the wiki for details.

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