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  • v3.15.1

    • fix LinkageError from ConfigRegistry in multi-classloader environments
  • v3.15.0

    • Significant performance improvements for data intensive workloads
      • new @Beta warm() method on Handler, SqlStatement*Customizer to pre-initialize Config instances
    • bind() overloads for UUID and URI, see #1765
  • v3.14.5

    • SqlBatch: fix inserting of constant null value, #1761
  • v3.14.4

    • fix performance regression on statement preparation, #1732
  • v3.14.3

    • fix ThreadLocal leak warning for Tomcat
    • AnnotationFactory: try to use class's ClassLoader before going to TCCL
  • v3.14.2

    • FreeBuilder documentation
    • jpa: NPE when deserializing read-only properties
  • v3.14.1

    • FreeBuilders: fix lookup of builder classes
  • v3.14.0

    • immutables: support getter with @ColumnName, #1704
    • postgres: simple CRUD support for LargeObject API
    • kotlin-sqlobject: fix package declaration of RegisterKotlinMappers
    • LocalTransactionHandler: bind more closely to Handle for performance and to avoid leaks
    • Update: add one helper method
    • Array: fix repeated binding of Iterable types, #1686
    • Initial support for FreeBuilders based pojo types
  • v3.13.0

    April 22, 2020
    • Kotlin: respect default values in methods when passed null, #1690
    • Arguments.bindingNullToPrimitivesPermitted helps you catch erroneous binding of null to a primitive type
    • preparable Arguments: re-invoke prepare on each copy, to propagate updated configuration
  • v3.12.2

    February 13, 2020
    • Bean binding: ignore getter methods with parameters
    • Immutables: find builder set method even with @ColumnName
    • CachingSqlParser: default limit to 1000 parsed statements, #1658
    • bom: don't inherit from parent #1656
    • bean mapping: improve detection of incomplete wildcard types