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  • v3.28.0 Changes

    • Remove the antlr4-runtime dependency by inlining it into the core jar.
    • [CI] add lgtm checks
    • [CI] build integration tests for inlined jar
    • [SECURITY] update baseline dependencies for known CVE (reported by dependabot)
  • v3.27.2 Changes

    • Fix NPE in SqlLogger#logAfterExecution when query string is not available (#2000), thanks @tmichel!
  • v3.27.1 Changes

    • Fix Batch binding with serializable transaction retries (#1967), thanks @sudharsannr!
  • v3.27.0 Changes

    • Fix serious regression in 3.26.1: incorrect Batch parameter binding
  • v3.26.1 Changes

    ** DO NOT USE **

    Serious regression in batch binding:

    • Fix transaction callbacks working with nested transactions
  • v3.26.0 Changes

    • change annotation targets for Kotlin annotations to CLASS (fixes #1971)
    • use h2 2.x for unit tests (prevents spurious "security" reports)
    • run more integration tests for postgres and dependency compatibility
  • v3.25.0 Changes

    • SPI change @Json String database type mappers now use @EncodedJson String instead (#1953)
    • Sql4JSqlLogger: fix NPE when using Script
    • fix using ConstructorMapper on empty generated keys results (#1955)
    • Handle: add new afterCommit and afterRollback transaction callbacks
  • v3.24.1 Changes

    • fix Bean property arguments type being erased on generic beans
  • v3.24.0 Changes

    • Fix batch binding with mixed null and non-null primitives (#1901)
    • Add Arguments.setPreparedArgumentsEnabled to disable new preparable arguments feature
    • Add JUnit 5 support to the testing package.
    • Add interceptors for type inference for Row Mappers, Column Mappers and SQL Array types
    • Fix mapper lookup for Kotlin data types. Ensure that registered prefixes are used. Fixes #1944
    • RowMappers#register(RowMapper<?>) no longer allows Object as concrete parameter type.
    • Run ktlint and detekt on Kotlin code to improve code quality
  • v3.23.0 Changes

    • Rework and document importing bindings in guice definition modules
    • expose createKey() method in guice definition modules
    • Add no-op GuiceJdbiCustomizer
    • Fix annotation inheritance for non-direct supertypes (#1920)