JSLT v0.1.10 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-06-21 // 16 days ago
  • 🚀 The main change in this release is the new pipe operator |, which allows you to set the context node explicitly. The most obvious use case for it is to select a source JSON object to do object matching, but it can be used for many other things, too. Many thanks to @ecerulm for contributing the implementation!

    Other changes:

    • 📜 The parse-url function has been added, designed and implemented by @ecerulm
    • 📜 A bug in the parsing of escape sequences inside strings was fixed by @biochimia

Previous changes from v0.1.9

  • Language changes:

    • 🆕 New functions min() and max() added
    • 🆕 New function hash-int added (thanks to @ecerulm)
    • null + object now produces the object (not null)
    • null + array now produces the array (not null)

    API changes:

    • FileSystemResourceResolver added (thanks to @ngsoftwaredev)
    • 🔧 Made it possible to configure encoding on resolvers

    🐛 Bug fixes:

    • 👌 Support leading zeroes in strings passed to number() (issue #112)
    • 👌 Support Cyrillic characters in string literals (issue #115)
    • 🔒 Upgraded to Jackson 2.10.3 (security fixes)
    • 🖐 Handle null being returned from Java extension functions
    • Avoid NullPointerException when statically wrapped method does not exist