Lamdba Behave v0.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-07-09 // almost 10 years ago
    • Move to the Junit 4 model of re-initialising objects before each test to improve test isolation.
    • Fix a dependency issue with cglib that was blocked usage of Mockito 2.2
    • Added more power to exception expectation matching (thanks Robert Firek)
    • and syntactic sugar to bounded expectations on (thanks Colin Vipurs)
    • Improved String matchin (thanks Ross Binden)
    • Fix README errors. (thanks Ross Binden)
    • Clarify the license in the Readme.
    • rename randomNumbers(long) to deterministicNumbers(long)

Previous changes from v0.2

    • Adds automatic test-case generation & property based testing.
    • Bans multiple specifications with the same name
    • Fixes stack traces being incorrectly reported in errors
    • Adds in more fluent expectations API with more overloads and support for arrays and exceptions