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Data Structures libraries

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  • Protobuf

    9.9 9.5 L1 C++
    Google's data interchange format.
  • Apache Thrift

    9.3 8.7 L1 C++
    Data interchange format that originated at Facebook.
  • Wire

    8.0 9.3 L1 Kotlin
    Clean, lightweight protocol buffers.
  • Apache Avro

    7.9 8.7 L1 Java
    Data interchange format featuring among others: dynamic typing, untagged data, absence of manually assigned IDs.
  • SBE

    7.7 8.6 L1 Java
    Simple Binary Encoding, one of the fastest message formats around.
  • Apache Parquet

    7.6 6.8 L2 Java
    Columnar storage format based on assembly algorithms from the Dremel paper by Google.
  • Tape

    7.4 0.0 L4 Java
    A lightning fast, transactional, file-based FIFO.
  • RoaringBitmap

    7.3 7.7 Java
    Fast and efficient compressed bitmap.
  • Apache Orc

    5.3 8.3 L1 HTML
    Fast and efficient columnar storage format for hadoop based workloads.
  • Big Queue

    4.9 0.0 Java
    A big, fast and persistent queue based on memory mapped file.
  • Persistent Collection

    4.8 4.0 L4 Java
    Persistent and immutable analogue of the Java Collections Framework.
  • HyperMinHash-java

    3.5 1.7 Java
    Probabilistic data structure for computing union, intersection, and set cardinality in loglog space.
  • dexx

    3.3 0.0 L3 Java
    Persistent (immutable) collections for Java and Kotlin
  • hjson-java

    3.0 1.3 L3 Java
    Hjson for Java