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  • Redisson

    9.7 9.7 L1 Java
    Redisson - Redis Java client with features of In-Memory Data Grid. Over 50 Redis based Java objects and services: Set, Multimap, SortedSet, Map, List, Queue, Deque, Semaphore, Lock, AtomicLong, Map Reduce, Publish / Subscribe, Bloom filter, Spring Cache, Tomcat, Scheduler, JCache API, Hibernate, MyBatis, RPC, local cache ...
  • HikariCP

    9.6 4.3 L4 Java
    光 HikariCP・A solid, high-performance, JDBC connection pool at last.
  • Presto

    9.6 9.8 L2 Java
    The official home of the Presto distributed SQL query engine for big data
  • Jedis

    9.4 9.1 L4 Java
    Redis Java client designed for performance and ease of use.
  • Realm

    9.2 8.3 L1 Java
    Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & ORMs
  • Apache Hive

    9.1 9.7 L1 Java
    Apache Hive
  • Scylla

    8.9 10.0 L1 C++
    NoSQL data store using the seastar framework, compatible with Apache Cassandra
  • QuestDB

    8.8 9.7 Java
    An open source SQL database designed to process time series data, faster
  • Flyway

    8.8 9.3 L3 Java
    Flyway by Redgate • Database Migrations Made Easy.
  • Leaf

    8.7 0.0 Java
    Distributed ID Generate Service
  • Trino

    8.7 10.0 Java
    Official repository of Trino, the distributed SQL query engine for big data, formerly known as PrestoSQL (
  • MapDB

    8.4 0.0 L1 Java
    MapDB provides concurrent Maps, Sets and Queues backed by disk storage or off-heap-memory. It is a fast and easy to use embedded Java database engine.
  • jOOQ

    8.4 9.9 L1 Java
    jOOQ is the best way to write SQL in Java
  • orientdb

    8.4 9.3 L1 Java
    OrientDB is the most versatile DBMS supporting Graph, Document, Reactive, Full-Text and Geospatial models in one Multi-Model product. OrientDB can run distributed (Multi-Master), supports SQL, ACID Transactions, Full-Text indexing and Reactive Queries.
  • Apache Calcite

    8.4 9.4 Java
    Apache Calcite
  • H2

    8.2 9.4 L1 Java
    H2 is an embeddable RDBMS written in Java.
  • Querydsl

    8.2 8.7 L3 Java
    Unified Queries for Java
  • Spring Data JPA

    8.0 8.9 Java
    Simplifies the development of creating a JPA-based data access layer.
  • Crate

    7.9 9.8 L3 Java
    CrateDB is a distributed SQL database that makes it simple to store and analyze massive amounts of machine data in real-time.
  • ObjectBox embedded database

    7.9 8.5 Java
    Fast lightweight Java Database for storing and syncing objects in Mobile & IoT
  • Jest

    7.7 0.6 Java
    Elasticsearch Java Rest Client.
  • Apache Drill

    7.7 9.3 Java
    Apache Drill is a distributed MPP query layer for self describing data
  • requery

    7.6 0.0 L2 Java
    requery - modern SQL based query & persistence for Java / Kotlin / Android
  • Chronicle Map

    7.6 9.0 L2 Java
    Replicate your Key Value Store across your network, with consistency, persistance and performance.
  • EVCache

    7.5 3.0 L1 Java
    A distributed in-memory data store for the cloud
  • Apache Phoenix

    7.1 8.6 L1 Java
    Mirror of Apache Phoenix
  • Speedment

    7.0 2.6 L3 Java
    Speedment is a Stream ORM Java Toolkit and Runtime
  • JDBI

    6.7 9.2 L4 Java
    jdbi is designed to provide convenient tabular data access in Java; including templated SQL, parameterized and strongly typed queries, and Streams integration
  • Ebean ORM

    6.2 9.9 L3 Java
    Ebean ORM
  • Themis by Cossack Labs

    6.2 7.2 L3 C
    Easy to use cryptographic framework for data protection: secure messaging with forward secrecy and secure data storage. Has unified APIs across 14 platforms.