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Introspection libraries

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  • Reflections

    8.2 2.7 Java
    Java runtime metadata analysis
  • jOOR

    7.5 0.0 Java
    jOOR - Fluent Reflection in Java jOOR is a very simple fluent API that gives access to your Java Class structures in a more intuitive way. The JDK's reflection APIs are hard and verbose to use. Other languages have much simpler constructs to access type meta information at runtime. Let us make Java reflection better.
  • ClassGraph

    7.1 5.1 Java
    An uber-fast parallelized Java classpath scanner and module scanner.
  • ReflectASM

    6.3 0.0 Java
    High performance Java reflection
  • Objenesis

    4.7 7.4 Java
    Okay, it's pretty easy to instantiate objects in Java through standard reflection. However there are many cases where you need to go beyond what reflection provides. For example, if there's no public constructor, you want to bypass the constructor code, or set final fields. There are numerous clever (but fiddly) approaches to getting around this and this library provides a simple way to get at them. You will find the official site here.
  • Mirror

    Mirror was created to bring light to a simple problem, usually named ReflectionUtil, which is on almost all projects that rely on reflection to do advanced tasks.