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  • Reflections

    8.2 0.3 Java
    Reflections scans your classpath, indexes the metadata, allows you to query it on runtime and may save and collect that information for many modules within your project.
  • jOOR

    7.5 2.6 Java
    jOOR stands for jOOR Object Oriented Reflection. It is a simple wrapper for the java.lang.reflect package.
  • ClassGraph

    6.9 8.5 Java
    ClassGraph (formerly FastClasspathScanner) is an uber-fast, ultra-lightweight, parallelized classpath scanner and module scanner for Java, Scala, Kotlin and other JVM languages.
  • ReflectASM

    6.2 0.0 Java
    ReflectASM is a very small Java library that provides high performance reflection by using code generation.
  • Objenesis

    4.5 3.2 Java
    Allows dynamic instantiation without default constructor, e.g. constructors which have required arguments, side effects or throw exceptions.
  • Mirror

    Mirror was created to bring light to a simple problem, usually named ReflectionUtil, which is on almost all projects that rely on reflection to do advanced tasks.