Messaging libraries

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  • Apache Kafka

    9.8 9.7 L2 Java
    High-throughput distributed messaging system.
  • Apache RocketMQ

    9.6 9.0 Java
    Apache RocketMQ™ is an open source distributed messaging and streaming data platform.
  • RocketMQ

    9.4 1.3 Java
    A fast, reliable, and scalable distributed messaging platform.
  • Apache Camel

    9.0 10.0 L3 Java
    Glues together different transport APIs via Enterprise Integration Patterns.
  • Apache Pulsar

    8.7 9.8 Java
    Distributed pub/sub-messaging system.
  • Aeron

    8.6 9.8 L4 Java
    Efficient reliable unicast and multicast message transport.
  • Apache ActiveMQ

    8.1 8.3 L2 Java
    Message broker that implements JMS and converts synchronous to asynchronous communication.
  • Smack

    8.0 9.2 L2 Java
    Cross-platform XMPP client library.
  • JeroMQ

    7.4 8.3 L3 Java
    Implementation of ZeroMQ.
  • Bt

    6.9 6.2 Java
    Java BitTorrent library with DHT, magnet links, encryption and more
  • Apache ActiveMQ Artemis

    6.2 9.4 Java
    The Next Generation Message Broker by Apache ActiveMQ
  • MBassador

    5.7 2.5 L5 Java
    An event bus aiming at ease of use and performance. Annotation driven, supports sync/async event publication, strong or weak references, message filtering
  • Themis by Cossack Labs

    5.5 8.7 L3 C
    Crypto library for storage and messaging for Swift, ObjC, Android, С++, JS, Python, Ruby, PHP, Go
  • Nakadi

    5.0 9.0 L4 Java
    Provides a RESTful API on top of Kafka.
  • Hermes

    5.0 8.6 L5 Java
    Fast and reliable message broker built on top of Kafka.
  • JBoss HornetQ

    4.7 0.0 Java
    Clear, concise, modular and made to be embedded.
  • GreenLightning

    3.5 7.1 Java
    high-performance microservice framework
  • Embedded RabbitMQ

    2.7 1.7 L4 Java
    A JVM library to use RabbitMQ as an embedded service
  • kite

    2.0 1.0 Java
    Lightweight service-based PubSub, RPC and public APIs in Java