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  • JGraphT

    7.4 9.3 L2 Java
    Graph library that provides mathematical graph-theory objects and algorithms.
  • Tablesaw

    6.9 9.5 Java
    Includes a data-frame, an embedded column-store, and hundreds of methods to transform, summarize, or filter data.
  • JGraphX

    5.8 5.2 L1 Java
    Library for visualisation (mainly Swing) and interaction with node-edge graphs.
  • JFreeChart

    5.0 6.2 Java
    2D chart library for Swing, JavaFX and server-side applications.
  • JUNG

    4.1 5.1 L3 Java
    JUNG: Java Universal Network/Graph Framework
  • GraphStream

    4.1 0.0 L1 Java
    Library for modeling and analysis of dynamic graphs.
  • Morpheus

    3.1 3.1 Java
    Provides a versatile two-dimensional memory efficient tabular data structure called a DataFrame to enable efficient in-memory analytics for scientific computing on the JVM.
  • Erdos

    2.7 0.0 L4 Java
    Modular, light and easy graph theoretic framework.
  • Mines Java Toolkit

    2.4 0.4 Java
    Library for geophysical scientific computation, visualization and digital signal analysis.
  • DataMelt

    - -
    Environment for scientific computation, data analysis and data visualization.
  • JScience

    - -
    Provides a set of classes to work with scientific measurements and units.