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The Liquibase site is hosted using GitHub Pages, and generated using Jekyll. Pages are written in MarkDown documents, making use of Liquid template tags.

To build the site for local testing, install Jekyll and its dependencies, including Ruby, the kramdown gem, Python 2.7, and the Pygments package. If you're developing on Windows, there is a handy Portable package of Jekyll you can use. You may still need to fiddle around a bit to get it working, such as installing the kramdown gem ("gem install kramdown") and editing "setpath.cmd".

Once Jekyll is installed, just navigate to this repo's directory, and run jekyll serve. You can then access the site from http://localhost:4000.

If you're using a MarkDown editor with a "live preview" feature, be aware that it's unlikely to support Liquid's syntax highlighting tags, such as "{% highlight xml %}".

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