mangoo I/O is an Intuitive, Lightweight, High Performance Full Stack Java Web Framework.

Development of mangoo I/O was started in mid 2015 out of an interest in how difficult it would be to create an intuitive, developer friendly, full stack java web framework from scratch. After the fresh new breeze of java development for the web with the Play Framwork - Version 1, contributions to the Ninja Framework, and having seen a lot of cumbersome "Enterprise" applications, I thought it was time for yet another full stack java framework.

The foundation of mangoo I/O is the very performant Undertow web server from JBoss. On top of that, standard, production ready java libraries are used - no reinventing of the wheel, no bytecode manipulation, no magic whatsoever. The main reason for using Undertow was, that it is based on non-blocking I/O in the form of XNIO. And although Undertow does support the servlet API, one is not bound to use it in any way. This gives the developer the opportunity to work fully stateless.

mangoo I/O is inspired by the Ninja Web Framework. Although the mangoo I/O core is a complete custom implementation, some of the ideas and methodologies were re-used.

Here are some key features of mangoo I/O in a nutshell:

Code Quality Rank: L4
Programming language: Java
Tags: Web Frameworks     Java     Full Stack    

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