MBassador is a light-weight, high-performance event bus implementing the publish subscribe pattern. It is designed for ease of use and aims to be feature rich and extensible while preserving resource efficiency and performance.

The core of MBassador's high performance is a specialized data structure that provides non-blocking readers and minimizes lock contention for writers such that performance degradation of concurrent read/write access is minimal. The advantages of this design are illustrated in this github repository.

The code is production ready: 86% instruction coverage, 82% branch coverage with highly randomized and concurrently run test sets, no severe bugs have been reported in the last 18 month. No modifications to the core will be made without thouroughly testing the code.

For documentation you can browse the javadoc, read this overview, check out the wiki resources.

There is a spring-extension available to support CDI-like transactional message sending in a Spring environment. This is a good example of integration with other frameworks. An example of Guice integration also exists.

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Code Quality Rank: L5
Programming language: Java

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