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Nacos: Dynamic *Na*ming and *Co*nfiguration *S*ervice

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What does it do

Nacos (official site: http://nacos.io) is an easy-to-use platform designed for dynamic service discovery and configuration and service management. It helps you to build cloud native applications and microservices platform easily.

Service is a first-class citizen in Nacos. Nacos supports almost all type of services,for example,Dubbo/gRPC serviceSpring Cloud RESTFul service or Kubernetes service.

Nacos provides four major functions.

  • Service Discovery and Service Health Check

    Nacos makes it simple for services to register themselves and to discover other services via a DNS or HTTP interface. Nacos also provides real-time healthchecks of services to prevent sending requests to unhealthy hosts or service instance.

  • Dynamic Configuration Management

Dynamic Configuration Service allows you to manage configurations of all services in a centralized and dynamic manner across all environments. Nacos eliminates the need to redeploy applications and services when configurations are updated, which makes configuration changes more efficient and agile.

  • Dynamic DNS Service

Nacos supports weighted routing, making it easier for you to implement mid-tier load balancing, flexible routing policies, flow control, and simple DNS resolution services in the production environment within your data center. It helps you to implement DNS-based service discovery easily and prevent applications from coupling to vendor-specific service discovery APIs.

  • Service and MetaData Management

    Nacos provides an easy-to-use service dashboard to help you manage your services metadata, configuration, kubernetes DNS, service health and metrics statistics.

Quick Start

It is super easy to get started with your first project.

Step 1: Download the binary package

You can download the package from the latest stable release.

Take release nacos-server-1.0.0.zip for example.

unzip nacos-server-1.0.0.zip
cd nacos/bin 

Step 2: Start Server

On the Linux/Unix/Mac platform, run the following command to start server with standalone mode:

sh startup.sh -m standalone

On the Windows platform, run the following command to start server with standalone mode. Alternatively, you can also double-click the startup.cmd to run NacosServer.

cmd startup.cmd -m standalone

For more details, see quick-start.

Quick start for other open-source projects:


You can view the full documentation from the Nacos website.

All the latest and long-term notice can also be found here from Github notice issue


Contributors are welcomed to join Nacos project. Please check [CONTRIBUTING](./CONTRIBUTING.md) about how to contribute to this project.

  • nacos-spring-project provides the integration functionality for Spring.
  • nacos-group is the reposity that hosts the eco tools for Nacos, such as SDK, synchronization tool, etc.
  • spring-cloud-alibaba provides the one-stop solution for application development over Alibaba middleware which includes Nacos.




Who is using

These are only part of the companies using Nacos, for reference only. If you are using Nacos, please add your company here to tell us your scenario to make Nacos better.

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*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Nacos README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.