OkHttp v5.0.0-alpha.9 Release Notes

  • 2022-06-16

    • New: Enforce label length limits in URLs. HttpUrl now rejects URLs whose domains aren't valid. This includes overly-long domain names (longer than 253 characters), overly-long labels (more than 63 characters between dots), and empty labels.
    • New: Don't include the Content-Length header in multipart bodies. Servers must delimit OkHttp's request bodies using the boundary only. (This change makes OkHttp more consistent with browsers and other HTTP clients.)
    • New: Drop the tunnelProxy argument in MockWebServer.useHttps(). This change only impacts the OkHttp 5.x API which uses the mockwebserver3 package.
    • Fix: Don't call toDuration() which isn't available in kotlin-stdlib 1.4.