Programming language: Java
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 or later
Tags: PDF     Projects    
Latest version: v1.3.23

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OpenPDF is an open source Java library for PDF files

OpenPDF is a Java library for creating and editing PDF files with a LGPL and MPL open source license. OpenPDF is the LGPL/MPL open source successor of iText, and is based on some forks of iText 4 svn tag. We welcome contributions from other developers. Please feel free to submit pull-requests and bugreports to this GitHub repository.

CI Maven Central License (LGPL version 3.0) License (MPL)

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/LibrePDF/OpenPDF

OpenPDF version 1.3.30 released 2022-09-19

Get version 1.3.30 here - https://github.com/LibrePDF/OpenPDF/releases/tag/1.3.30

Use OpenPDF as Maven dependency

Add this to your pom.xml file to use the latest version of OpenPDF:



GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), Version 2.1

For a short explanation see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Lesser_General_Public_License

Mozilla Public License Version 2.0

For a short explanation see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozilla_Public_License

You can find also a nice explanation of these licenses under https://itsfoss.com/open-source-licenses-explained/

We want OpenPDF to consist of source code which is consistently licensed with the LGPL and MPL licences only. This also means that any new contributions to the project must have a dual LGPL and MPL license only.



OpenPDF is open source software with a LGPL and MPL license. It is a fork of iText version 4, more specifically iText svn tag 4.2.0, which was hosted publicly on sourceforge with LGPL and MPL license headers in the source code, and LGPL and MPL license documents in the svn repository. Beginning with version 5.0 of iText, the developers have moved to the AGPL to improve their ability to sell commercial licenses.

OpenPDF ancestors in GitHub (in fork order):

  1. @rtfarte / OpenPDF - parent of LibrePDF/OpenPDF
  2. @kulatamicuda / iText-4.2.0
  3. @daviddurand / iText-4.2.0
  4. @ymasory / iText-4.2.0 - original parent on GitHub

Projects using OpenPDF


OpenPDF can be used with Android, more info here: Android-support


Release the hounds! Please send all pull requests. Make sure that your contributions can be released with a dual LGPL and MPL license. In particular, pull requests to the OpenPDF project must only contain code that you have written yourself. GPL or AGPL licensed code will not be acceptable.

Coding Style

  • Code indentation style is 4 spaces.
  • Generally try to preserve the coding style in the file you are modifying.


Required Dependencies:

  • Java 8 or later is required to use OpenPDF. All versions Java 8 to Java OpenJDK 15 have been tested to work.

UTF-8 Fonts:

As of 1.3.21 the UTF-8 Liberation fonts moved to its own module, to reduce the size of the OpenPDF jar. If you want to use the bundled UTF-8 fonts, please add the following dependency to your project and use the class org.librepdf.openpdf.fonts.Liberation.


Supporting complex glyph substitution/ Ligature substitution:

OpenPDF supports glyph substitution which is required for correct rendering of fonts ligature substitution requirements. FOP dependency is required to enable this feature. Refer following wiki for details: wiki

Supporting OpenType layout, glyph positioning, reordering and substitution:

OpenPDF supports OpenType layout, glyph positioning, reordering and substitution which is e.g. required for correct positioning of accents, the rendering of non-Latin and right-to-left scripts. OpenPDF supports DIN 91379. See: wiki


  • BouncyCastle (BouncyCastle is used to sign PDF files, so it's a recommended dependency)
    • Provider (org.bouncycastle:bcprov-jdk18on or org.bouncycastle:bcprov-ext-jdk18on depending on which algorithm you are using)
    • PKIX/CMS (org.bouncycastle:bcpkix-jdk18on)
  • Apache FOP (org.apache.xmlgraphics:fop)
  • Tiff support: Java versions prior to 9 require an additional library in the classpath to handle tiff images. Options are:
  • Please refer to our [pom.xml](pom.xml) to see what version is needed.


Please see [Contributors.md](Contributors.md).

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the OpenPDF README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.