Programming language: Java
License: Apache License 2.0
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Latest version: v1.3.1

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Philadelphia is a fast Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol library for the JVM.

You can use Philadelphia to connect to stock exchanges, brokerage firms, and other network endpoints that use the FIX protocol. You can also use it to provide your own services using the FIX protocol.

Philadelphia is designed to exhibit low and predictable latency. To achieve this, it supports non-blocking networking and does not allocate memory on message reception or transmission.

Philadelphia requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8 or newer.


See the latest release on GitHub.


Philadelphia contains the following libraries:

  • [Core](libraries/core) implements the FIX protocol.

  • [FIX 4.2](libraries/fix42), [FIX 4.3](libraries/fix43), [FIX 4.4](libraries/fix44), [FIX 5.0](libraries/fix50), [FIX 5.0 SP1](libraries/fix50sp1), [FIX 5.0 SP2](libraries/fix50sp2), [FIX Latest](libraries/fixlatest), and [FIXT 1.1](libraries/fixt11) implement profiles for the corresponding FIX protocol versions.

See the FIX Trading Community for the protocol specifications.

Philadelphia contains the following applications:

  • [Terminal Client](applications/client) is a simple console application for interacting with a FIX acceptor.

  • [Code Generator](applications/generate) is a simple console application for generating profiles for FIX dialects.

Philadelphia contains the following example applications:

  • [Test Acceptor](examples/acceptor) implements a simple FIX acceptor.

  • [Test Initiator](examples/initiator) implements a simple FIX initiator.

Philadelphia contains the following test applications:

  • [Performance Test](tests/perf-test) contains microbenchmarks for the FIX protocol implementation.

See Philadelphia Extras for additional extensions.


For more information on Philadelphia:


Copyright 2015 Philadelphia authors.

Released under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE.txt for details.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Philadelphia README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.