Polyglot for Maven v0.4.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-03-10 // over 2 years ago
    • polyglot-common:
      • Execute tasks are now installed with inheritable set to false
      • The ExecuteContext interface now has default implementations
      • The ExecuteContext now includes getMavenSession()
      • the ExecuteContext now includes getLog() to comport with Java bean conventions. The log() operation has been deprecated.
      • the ExecuteContext now includes getBasedir() to comport with Java bean conventions. The basedir() operation has been deprecated.
    • polyglot-kotlin:
      • Updates Kotlin to 1.3.21
      • Includes support for Maven's ClassRealm
      • Includes full support for the entire Maven model
      • Includes support for execute tasks via as inline lambdas or as external scripts.
      • Adds integration tests
      • Provides 100% test coverage for the entire Maven model
      • Resolves ClassLoader issues that affected integration with IntelliJ IDEA
      • The above enhancements were contributed by Robert Thornton https://github.com/thorntonrp
    • 🚀 Release performed by Manfred Moser - http://www.simpligility.com