Redisson v3.11.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-09-24 // 21 days ago
  • 🔋 Feature - support search by numeric fields in LiveObject search engine. Follow conditions are supported: greater than on equal, greater than, lower than, lower than or equal

    🛠 Fixed - threads blocked waiting on CountDownLatch
    🛠 Fixed - rename and renamenx methods of RMultimap interface aren't working
    🛠 Fixed - memory leak caused by FastThreadLocal object used in CodecDecoder
    🛠 Fixed - blocking queue methods don't re-throw InterruptedException
    🛠 Fixed - RExecutorService tasks duplication after task retry event
    🛠 Fixed - Redisson.shutdown method blocks calling thread
    🛠 Fixed - Spring Boot default connection timeout is 0 seconds
    🛠 Fixed - IPv6 handling in Sentinel manager (thanks to AndreevDm)
    🛠 Fixed - RMapCache.remainTimeToLive method returns negative remain time
    🛠 Fixed - RBuckets.get method doesn't work in Redis cluster mode
    🛠 Fixed - wrong error message if Sentinel server has misconfiguration

Previous changes from v3.11.3

  • 🔋 Feature - JBoss Marshalling codec implementation
    🔋 Feature - support for Spring's @Autowired, @Value and JSR-330 @Inject annotations in ExecutorService tasks
    🔋 Feature - SSL support for Sentinel mode
    🔋 Feature - sizeInMemory() method added to RObjectReactive and RObjectRx interfaces
    🔋 Feature - getId() method added to RedissonClient, RedissonRxClient, RedissonReactiveClient interfaces

    👌 Improvement - useCache parameter added to FstCodec
    👌 Improvement - URL object should be used for sslKeystore and sslTruststore settings

    🛠 Fixed - RedisTimeoutException thrown if retryAttempts set to 0
    🛠 Fixed - RStream.readGroup method doesn't work properly with TypedJsonJacksonCodec
    🛠 Fixed - semaphore object is not deleted after RLocalCachedMap.clearLocalCache method invocation
    🛠 Fixed - Redisson couldn't be shutdown if one of RBatch commands was canceled