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  • get and set methods are basically used in Encapsulation. Encapsulation means hiding sensitive date from user. To hide sensitive data from user we have to declare class variables as private.
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  • recursion is a process where a method calls itself infinitely or endlessly.recursion makes a java code closely packed. Here’s an example on infinite recursive function.
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  • HashSet
    HashSet stores only objects.
    HashMap stores elements in key and value pairs. That is each element has its corresponding key which is used for retrieval during iteration.
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  • Here’s the difference between abstract class and abstract class can have protected, private etc. as access modifiers for class members.
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  • Binary number is a number expressed or represented in 0 and 1. Hence binary numbers consists of 0’s and 1’s.
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  • Binary search is the process of searching key element from sorted array.
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  • java arraycopy copies an array from the specified source array, beginning at the specified position, to the specified position of the destination array.
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  • An instance of Random class is used to generate a stream of pseudorandom numbers. Instances of java.util.Random are not cryptographically secure.
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  • wrapper classes allow primitive data types a way to convert into object and vice-versa.
    For example:
    int a = 7; // using primitive datatype
    Integer a = new Integer(7); // using wrapper class
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  • An immutable object in one that once the object is created its state or content cannot be modified.
    For example: string is immutable in java.
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  • instanceof operator is used to check whether the object is an instance of specified type. Type can be a class or a subclass or an interface.
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  • Functional interface is one kind of an interface which has only one abstract method.
    Article  Added by EdwardWilson // // 24 days ago
  • Comparable interface is an interface used to compare objects of same type. It can be implemented by any custom class and is found in java.lang package.
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  • Multiple inheritance is one of the object oriented feature where a class or a sub class can inherit features from more than one parent class or super class.
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  • underlying data structure for HashSet is hashtable.
    HashSet implements Set interface.
    Hashset does not allow duplicate elements. If any duplicate object is added, then add() method returns “false” without adding any duplicate object.
    Object are inserted based on their hash code.
    Hashset does not maintain or preserve insertion order.
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  • TreeMap is a member of java collections framework.
    TreeMap implements Map interface.
    TreeMap maintain its entries in ascending order.
    Treemap implementation in java: TreeMap is red black tree based NavigableMap implementation.
    TreeMap doesn’t allow null key. However allow multiple null values.
    Article  Added by EdwardWilson // // 25 days ago
  • Apache Spark is known to be the fastest-growing cluster computing platform designed to process big data in a faster manner along with the compatibility to previously existing big data tools and support to various libraries.
    This article covers the most commonly asked interview questions in Spark technology and helps the software engineers and the data engineers to equip themselves for the interview.
    Article  Added by sarahparker // // 26 days ago
  • As a Java developer, you’ll most likely be part of an organization’s IT team. Depending on how your company is set up, you may have a single IT team or a number of smaller IT teams working on particular projects. In Agile contexts, the second method is frequently used.
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  • Multithreading is a very essential part of Java and modern software development. It is very helpful in making the program more efficient and also reduces the usage of storage resources.
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  • Early Adoption of Java Runtime Innovations in Production at Scale: Getting it done right allowed us to harness several years’ worth of Java runtime innovations, provide a better experience to our customers, and contribute back to the open source community.
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  • Hello friends, in this article we have compiled a list of the top 100 core Java interview questions. These questions are designed for both fresher and experienced professionals of software development as well as automation testing profiles. We will start with the questions related to the basics of Java and then move to more complex interview questions.
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  • Learn about the 5 most popular & most used sorting algorithms in java. These are the best sorting methods in java with time complexity
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  • Dashboard to track high score and voted java questions from stackoverflow
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  • What is the experience as a Java developer to start programming in Kotlin? 🤔

    Read the article "**From Java to Kotlin in 20 minutes ⚡️**" by Jean-Michel Fayard to get the answer!
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  • If you are looking to get hired by a services-based company then you have landed in the right place.
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  • Spring framework is the most common application development platform for enterprise Java. Learn more about the different scopes of a spring bean in this comprehensive guide.
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  • Java 9 introduced the Convenience Factory Methods for Collections, which make it convenient to create instances of collections or maps with few elements.
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  • With the latest advancements in the world of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) process, it is possible to deliver the developed software much faster to the end-users than it was with the traditional approaches. Even though there are so many tools to enable the development teams to deliver the Software - fast and continuous - the set of open source tools available to achieve this will have its edge.
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  • Spring boot is the hottest topic of discussion in interviews if it comes to Java Application development. Because of its fast, low configuration, inbuild server, and monitoring features, it helps to build a stand-alone java application from scratch with very robust and maintainable.
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  • Talks about the new methods added to the Java Optional class from Java 9 onwards (up to 11).
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