Just as there was Retroweaver et al. for running Java 5 code with generics on Java 1.4, Retrolambda lets you run Java 8 code with lambda expressions, method references and try-with-resources statements on Java 7, 6 or 5. It does this by transforming your Java 8 compiled bytecode so that it can run on an older Java runtime. After the transformation they are just a bunch of normal .class files, without any additional runtime dependencies. Read more details.

There is also limited support for backporting default methods and static methods on interfaces. This feature is disabled by default.

Retrolambda supports backporting to Java 7, Java 6 and Java 5 runtimes. And for adventurous developers there are other backporting tools that may let you go from Java 5 down to Java 1.4.

Android developers may use Retrolambda to take advantage of the Java 8 features on Android. Serge Zaitsev has written an article about it and there is a Gradle plugin which makes it easy.

Retrolambda does not backport the new Java 8 APIs, but there are other projects that have backported some of them:

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