Spatial4j v0.8 Release Notes

  • 🚀 DATE: unreleased

    • #177: Improve conversion of a Circle to Shape. JtsShapeFactory allows converting from a Shape object to a JTS Geometry object. Geodetic circles now translate to a polygon that has points equidistant from the center. Before the change, there was potentially a large inaccuracy. (Hrishi Bakshi)

    • 👻 #163: "Empty" points in JTS are now convertible to a Spatial4j Shape instead of throwing an exception. (David Smiley)

    • 🛠 #162: Fixed WKT & GeoJSON [de]serialization of "empty" points and geometrycollections. (Jeen Broekstra, David Smiley)

    • #165: Added ShapeFactory.pointLatLon convenience method. (MoeweX)

    • #167: WKTWriter now has a means to customize the NumberFromat. (MoeweX)

    • #175: ShapesAsWKTModule, a Jackson databind module, didn't deserialize WKT inside JSON to a Spatial4j Shape at all. Now it does. It continues to serialize correctly. (David Smiley)