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  • In this tutorial, we will learn about creating web service clients with Feign in a spring cloud application with an example for REST based HTTP calls. We will be developing 2 different microservices as customer-service and product-service. These 2 different services will register themselves to Netflix discovery server and will have Feign client integrated with customer-service.
    Tutorial  Added by only2dhir // www.devglan.com // about 16 hours ago
  • Spring Cloud Gateway - A Reactive Gateway built upon Project Reactor, Spring WebFlux, and Spring Boot 2.0.
    Article  Added by only2dhir // www.devglan.com // 28 days ago
  • A book that guides through Spring’s core features, explores reactive programming, microservices, service discovery, RESTful APIs, deployment, and expert best practices.
    Book  Added by vonlatinski // mng.bz // 3 months ago
  • The definitive guide to the Camel framework.
    Book  Added by vonlatinski // mng.bz // 3 months ago
  • In this article, we will check out 3 different ways to add a custom header in Spring SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol) request. In my last article, we created a Spring Boot SOAP client and then discussed about handling exceptions in it. Now, let us add a custom header in the request. This is mostly needed to add authentication related details in the header while invoking SOAP web services.
    Article  Added by only2dhir // www.devglan.com // 4 months ago
  • This article is about consuming SOAP web services through a Spring Boot app. We will be creating a sample spring boot SOAP client to consume SOAP web services using the maven plugins. We will be demonstrating the client generation process using 2 different maven plugins - maven-jaxb2-plugin and cxf-codegen-plugin. Once, the stubs are generated, we will be using WebServiceTemplate to marshal our request and response.
    Article  Added by only2dhir // www.devglan.com // 4 months ago
  • Here we will be securing REST APIs with role based OAUTH2 implementation. To do so, we will be creating two custom roles as ADMIN and USER and we will use @secured annotation provided by spring security to secure our controller methods based on role.
    Article  Added by only2dhir // www.devglan.com // 6 months ago
  • In this article, we will be integrating Google reCaptcha with a spring boot web applications with Angular as a client. The ReCaptcha will appear in an angular login form and once the form is submitted, it will be validated on the server side with the secret key along with the username and password. In the example, once the user credentials and the captcha is validated, post login page will appear.
    Article  Added by only2dhir // www.devglan.com // 12 months ago
  • In this tutorial, we will be setting up apache Kafka, logstash and elasticsearch to stream log4j logs directly to Kafka from a web application and visualise the logs in Kibana dashboard.Here, the application logs that is streamed to kafka will be consumed by logstash and pushed to elasticsearch. In short, we will be setting up ELK stack to work with Kafka as a result we can build a centralized in-house logging system similar to Splunk.
    Tutorial  Added by only2dhir // www.devglan.com // over 1 year ago
  • This tutorial provides a complete implementation of Spring Boot, Angular 5 and spring data to build an end to end single page java web application with example.We will be using spring boot 1.5 to expose REST APIs and angular5 with routing to build our client that will be consuming the APIs exposed by the server.Also, we will be integrating MySql database with the backend code for CRUD operation.We will be using angular CLI to generate angular project and spring boot initializers to generate spri
    Tutorial  Added by only2dhir // www.devglan.com // over 1 year ago