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Spring Data JPA MongoDB Expressions

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Parses (a subset of) MongoDB expressions and convert them to Specifications to be used with Spring-Data-JPA 🎉.

⚡️ Why?

spring-data-jpa-mongodb-expressions allows you to use the MongoDB query syntax to query your relational database. This is specially useful to build dynamic queries from the frontend app (js/typescript).

So, you can build the mongodb query-like json from the frontend app and pass it to the controller, and then optionally you enrich it with addtional conditions and pass it to the repository layer, in which the monogodb query will be translated automatically to JPA specification and executed.

🚀 How to start

  1. You need to customize the base repository to be the ExpressionsRepositoryImpl.
@EnableJpaRepositories(repositoryBaseClass = ExpressionsRepositoryImpl.class)
class ApplicationConfiguration { … }
  1. Change the parent repository of your JPA repositories:
public interface EmployeeRepository extends ExpressionsRepository<Employee, Long> {
  1. Modify the search controller to accept Expressions in its parameter list:
public ResponseEntity<Page<EmployeeDto>> search(@RequestBody Expressions expressions, 
                                                Pageable pageable) {    
    return ok().body(
                employeeRepository.findAll(expressions, pageable).map(employeeMapper::toDto)

And that's it, you can now send Mongodb-like json queries to the API.

🏮 Examples Mongodb-like json queries:

The following is an example expressions that could be sent to the Controller REST APIs, and will be deserialized into the Expressions object.



  "lastName": "ibrahim",
  "$and": [
    {"birthDate": {"$gt": "1981-01-01"}},
    {"birthDate": {"$lte": "1985-10-10"}}


... where last_name=? and birth_date>? and birth_date<=?



  "$or": [
    {"lastName": "ibrahim"},
      "$and": [
        {"firstName": "mostafa"},
        {"birthDate": {"$gt": "1990-01-01"}}


... where last_name = ? or first_name = ? and birth_date > ?


Expression (joins):

  "lastName": "ibrahim",
  "department.name": {"$contains":  "sw"}


... from employee e inner join department d on e.department_id=d.id where e.last_name=? and d.name like ?



  "lastName": null


... where e.last_name is null


Expression (enums):

  "tasks.status": {"$in":  [0, 1]}


... from employee e inner join task t on e.id=t.employee_id where t.status in (? , ?)

Note: enums support passing the enum name as string as well (e.g. {"tasks.status": {"$nin": ["ACTIVE"]}})

For a list of example json queries see :

  1. the resources directory
  2. ExpressionsRepositoryImplTest.java
  3. Mongodb docs as a reference for the queries.

🏹 Operators

The following is a list of supported operators:

Operator Description
$eq col = val (if val is null then => col is null)
$ne col <> val (if val is null then => col is not null)
$ieq lower(col) = lower(val)
$gt col > val
$gte col >= val
$lt col < val
$lte col <= val
$start col like 'val%'
$end col like '%val'
$contains col like '%val%'
$istart lower(col) like 'lower(val)%'
$iend lower(col) like '%lower(val)'
$icontains lower(col) like '%lower(val)%'
$in col in (val1, val2, ...)
$nin col not in (val1, val2, ...)
$or expr1 or expr2
$and expr1 and expr2

⚙️ Install


Compatibility with Spring-Data-JPA

spring-data-jpa-mongodb-expressions depends mostly on public APIs from JPA and Spring-data-jpa projects, such as javax.persistence.criteria.Predicate, org.springframework.data.domain.Pageable and org.springframework.data.jpa.domain.Specification.

So unless the public APIs for JPA and Spring-data-jpa don't change, it is safe to use spring-data-jpa-mongodb-expressions.

Also spring-data-jpa-mongodb-expressions declares spring-boot-starter-data-jpa as an optional dependency, which means it isn't a transitive dependency and no dependencies will be transferred to your project (from spring or what so ever) as a result of using spring-data-jpa-mongodb-expressions.

🎭 How to build the query on Frontend?

See this snippet to see how to build the query from js.

🎖 Special Thanks

Special thanks to Rashad Saif and Hamada Elnoby for helping in the design, inspring with ideas, and for doing the review for the code.

Next Release

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