Stripe v20.120.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2022-05-11 // 8 days ago
    • ⚡️ #1351 API Updates
      • Add support for description on CheckoutSessionCreateParams.subscription_data, SubscriptionCreateParams, SubscriptionUpdateParams, and Subscription
      • Add support for consent_collection, payment_intent_data, shipping_options, submit_type, and tax_id_collection on PaymentLinkCreateParams and PaymentLink
      • Add support for customer_creation on PaymentLinkCreateParams, PaymentLinkUpdateParams, and PaymentLink
      • Add support for metadata on SubscriptionSchedule.phases[], SubscriptionScheduleCreateParams.phases[], and SubscriptionScheduleUpdateParams.phases[]
      • Add support for new value billing_portal.session.created on enums WebhookEndpointCreateParams.enabled_events[] and WebhookEndpointUpdateParams.enabled_events[]
    • ⚡️ #1350 API Updates
      • Add support for amount_discount, amount_tax, and product on LineItem

Previous changes from v20.119.0

    • ⚡️ #1349 API Updates
      • Add support for default_price_data on ProductCreateParams
      • Add support for default_price on ProductUpdateParams and Product
      • Add support for instructions_email on RefundCreateParams and Refund