Managing Spring Boot properties in multi-module application could be quite intimidating. In this post, we take a look how Spring Boot will resolve properties conflicts and how to make our build more consistent. Changes introduced in version 2.4 are going to help us. Let's review how to take advantage of new features and incorporate them into the project.
Recently, in our project, we decided to update the AWS Java SDK from 1.x to 2.x, so we are able to use client-side metrics, available only in the newer version of the SDK. Check out how we did it.
Generics are one of those things that can be really powerful and allow to build of reusable code which can be used broadly across the whole project or even exported to a dedicated repo and become a library. Imagine a situation when there is no option to use well-known generic collections like List or Map and for each type we want to store in such a container, we need to build it on our own from scratch.