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Vavr alternatives and similar libraries

Based on the "Functional Programming" category

  • Javaslang

    Functional component library that provides persistent data types and functional control structures.
  • Functional Java

    Implements numerous basic and advanced programming abstractions that assist composition-oriented development.
  • jOOλ

    6.7 1.9 L2 Vavr VS jOOλ
    Extension to Java 8 which aims to fix gaps in lambda, providing numerous missing types and a rich set of sequential Stream API additions.
  • StreamEx

    Enhancing Java 8 Streams.
  • cyclops-react

    Monad and stream utilities, comprehensions, pattern matching, functional extensions for all JDK collections, future streams, trampolines and much more.
  • λ

    5.1 8.3 Vavr VS λ
    functional-programming, lenses, lambda, functor, monad, semigroup, monoid, coproduct, heterogeneous-maps, profunctors, bifunctors, either, traversable, try-monad, algebraic-data-types, tuples, hlist, maybe-monad, optics
  • derive4j

    Java 8 annotation processor and framework for deriving algebraic data types constructors, pattern-matching, morphisms.
  • protonpack

    Collection of stream utilities.
  • underscore-java

    java port of Underscore.js
  • Fugue

    Functional extensions to Guava.
  • Faux Pas

    Library that simplifies error handling by circumventing the issue that none of the functional interfaces in the Java Runtime is allowed by default to throw checked exceptions.

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