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Visual Studio Code Documentation

You've found the Visual Studio Code documentation GitHub repository, which contains the content for the Visual Studio Code documentation.

Topics submitted here will be published to the Visual Studio Code portal.

If you are looking for the VS Code product GitHub repository, you can find it here.

Note: The vscode-docs repository uses Git LFS (Large File Storage) for storing binary files such as images and .gifs. If you are contributing or updating images, please enable Git LFS per the instructions in the Contributing section below.


Visual Studio Code

VS Code is a lightweight source code editor and powerful development environment for building and debugging modern web, mobile, and cloud applications. It is free and available on your favorite platform - Linux, macOS, and Windows.

If you landed here looking for other information about VS Code, head over to our website for additional information.


If you want to give documentation feedback, please use the feedback control located at the bottom of each documentation page.

Documentation Issues

To enter documentation bugs, please create a new GitHub issue. Please check if there is an existing issue first.

If you think the issue is with the VS Code product itself, please enter issues in the VS Code product repo here.


To contribute new topics/information or make changes to existing documentation, please read the [Contributing Guideline](./CONTRIBUTING.md#contributing).


The two suggested workflows are:

  • For small changes, use the "Edit" button on each page to edit the Markdown file directly on GitHub.
  • If you plan to make significant changes or preview the Markdown files in VS Code, clone the repo to edit and preview the files directly in VS Code.

[Markdown Preview Button](images/MDPreviewButton.png)


  1. Install Git LFS.
  2. Run git lfs install to setup global git hooks. You only need to run this once per machine.
  3. git clone [email protected]:Microsoft/vscode-docs.git.
  4. Now you can git add binary files and commit them. They'll be tracked in LFS.

Cloning without binary files

You might want to clone the repo without the 1.6GB images. Here are the steps:

  1. Install Git LFS.
  2. Run git lfs install to setup global git hooks. You only need to run this once per machine.
  3. Clone the repo without binary files.
    • macOS / Linux: GIT_LFS_SKIP_SMUDGE=1 git clone [email protected]:Microsoft/vscode-docs.git.
    • Windows: $env:GIT_LFS_SKIP_SMUDGE="1"; git clone [email protected]:Microsoft/vscode-docs.git.
  4. Now you can selectively checkout some binary files to work with. For example:
    • git lfs pull -I "docs/nodejs" to only download images in docs/nodejs
    • git lfs pull -I "release-notes/images/1_4*/*" to only download images in release-notes/images/1_4*
    • git lfs pull -I "docs,api" to download all images in docs and in api
    • git lfs pull -I <PATTERN>, as long as <PATTERN> is a valid Git LFS Include and Exclude pattern.

The history of this repo before we adopted LFS can be found at microsoft/vscode-docs-archive.


Steps for how to publish documentation changes can be found here in the (private) repository of the VS Code website.