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  • v2.1.0 Changes

    January 18, 2016


    • Empty lists of packed values were being encoded incorrectly. In Wire 2.0.x our message adapters incorrectly included empty lists for [packed=true] rather than omitting them. This is now fixed.
    • New: Message.encode() to concisely encode a message.
    • New: MessageAdapter.decode(ByteString) to decode a message from a byte string without an intermediate byte array.
    • New: Wire now includes a sample code generation for service interfaces.
  • v2.0.3 Changes

    January 05, 2016


    • New: ProtoAdapter.get overload which returns an adapter given an instance of a message.
    • New: @Nullable annotations are emitted for optional fields when using --android.
    • Fix: Remove the need for javac to generate synthetic accessor methods in the generated code. This results in smaller code size and less method references (for Android users).
  • v2.0.2 Changes


    • Fix: Exclude unknown fields when encoding JSON and drop unknown fields when parsing JSON.
    • Fix: Ensure JSON encoding and decoding works in the default generation mode (not just --compact) by always adding @WireField metadata to message fields.
    • Fix: Update to JavaPoet 1.4 for more accurate generation of valid Java code.
  • v2.0.1 Changes


    • Fix: Do not emit case statements for aliased enum constant values. The first constant for a value will be returned when deserializing.
    • Fix: Emit @Deprecated annotation on deprecated enum constants.
    • Fix: Correctly prune dependencies of excluded message, enum, or service members. Previously the dependencies of an excluded member were retained despite the member itself being omitted.
  • v2.0.0 Changes


    🚀 Wire 2 is a backwards-incompatible release. It makes breaking changes to the compiler, runtime, ⬆️ extensions, and generated code. These changes aren’t made lightly as we’ve endured the upgrade in our own projects! We believe the cost of migration is worth the benefits.

    We’ve created the wire-schema library that models .proto schema definitions. This is a capable library that packs several neat features. You can load a Schema from .proto files located on the local file system, a ZIP or JAR file, or any java.nio.FileSystem like [Jimfs][jimfs]. You can prune this schema with includes or excludes, allowing you to reuse .proto definitions with minimal code. And you can decode data directly from a schema: no code generation is necessary!

    We’ve flattened extensions. Wire 2.0 combines the fields defined directly on messages with fields defined far away in extensions. In the generated code, extension fields look just like every other field! One limitation of this approach is that it’s no longer possible to compile extensions separately from the messages they extend. For this reason we now recommend always generating all Wire code in a single step.

    We’ve rearranged the runtime. Types related to the protocol buffers format are now prefixed 🛠 Proto and types related to our implementation are prefixed Wire. To encode and decode messages you must first get an adapter either from the ADAPTER constant or from ProtoAdapter.get(). You no longer need a Wire instance!

    ⚙ Runtime
    • New ADAPTER constant on most messages gives access to encode & decode values. This replaces the encoding and decoding methods on Wire.
    • Guard against null lists. Code that passes null to builder methods expecting a List used to accept that; now Wire throws a NullPointerException. Similarly list elements must also be non-null.
    • New Message.newBuilder() API. This replaces the previous copy constructor on Builder.
    • New: Message.withoutUnknownFields() strips unknown fields.
    • Fix: Always throw ProtocolException when there are decoding problems.
    • Fix: Stricter checking for oneof fields. Previously it was possible to create instances with multiple values set!
    • Fix: Improve redacting of repeated fields.
    • Fix: ProtoReader now silently unpacks packed values.
    • Fix: ProtoReader doesn’t return groups to callers.
    Schema & Java Generator
    • The Java generator is now standalone. Use these APIs programmatically to build plugins without delegating to the command line interface.
    • New: Prune schemas using includes and excludes. The IdentifierSet can be used to configure which types and members are retained and which are pruned.
    • New: Encode and decode values directly from the schema.
    • New: Improved error messages for validation.
    • Fix: Strict imports.
    • Fix: Detect and forbid conflicts on extension tags.
    • New: Always use Wire’s bundled descriptor.proto. Previously to define custom options you needed to import a potentially-inconsistent descriptor.
    • New: Emit all types when no .proto files are explicitly specified.
    • New: Generate code for encoding and decoding messages. The previous, reflection-based encoder and decoder are accessible with --compact.
    • New: ServiceFactory has been removed. To generate code for your services, load a schema with wire-schema and then use a library like [JavaPoet][javapoet] to generate your own code. The JavaGenerator class can be used to look up Java names of message types.
    • New: Compiler will load all .proto files if none are explicitly specified.
    • New: Load .proto files from ZIP and JAR files.
    • New: The --android flag causes Wire messages to implement Parcelable.
    • New: Support multiple --proto_path arguments
    • New: The --named_files_only flag limits which .proto files yield .java files. This was the default in Wire 1.x.
    • New: The --no_options flag has been deleted. Use --excludes=google.protobuf.* instead.
    • Extensions have been flattened.
    • Fix: Better field resolution for options.
    • Fix: Extension fields must not be required.
  • v1.8.0 Changes


    • New: oneof support!
    • Fix: Correct serialization of repeated unknown fields.
    • Fix: Removed superfluous private modifier on enum constructor.
    • Warning: The 'protoparser' library was updated to version 4.0. This changes the type passed to any ServiceWriter implementations.
  • v1.7.0 Changes


    • New: Messages implement Serializable. The serialized form follows protobuf encoding, so renaming fields is safe as long as tags are consistent. (Renaming classes is unsafe, however). Note that extension fields are deserialized as unknown fields.
  • v1.6.1 Changes


    • New: --quiet and --dry-run command-line arguments.
    • Fix: Handle an extension registry with zero or only one item.
    • Okio dependency bumped to 1.2.0.
  • v1.6.0 Changes


    • Fix: Correctly throw IOException when parsing bad input fails.
    • Fix: Ensure emitted code references to Arrays.asList correctly compiles in some edge cases.
    • 'UNDEFINED' enum value has been removed.
  • v1.5.2 Changes


    • New: 'UNDEFINED' enum value represents values that the generated code is unable to handle.
    • New: Service writer implementation can now be specified on the command-line.