Wire v4.0.0-alpha.8 Release Notes

  • 2021-08-30

    🚀 This release drops the -multiplatform suffix on Kotlin Multiplatform artifacts. All artifacts now share the same name (like com.squareup.wire:wire-runtime:4.0.0-alpha.8) for both Kotlin/JVM and Kotlin Multiplatform.

    • New: Programmatic API to prune schemas. See Pruner in wire-schema.
    • New: Expose the source .proto file at ProtoAdaper.sourceFile. This is null for built-in types and types generated prior to this release.
    • Fix: Retain field order when emitting a schema as .proto files.
    • Fix: Support Kotlin-generated annotations on Java fields.
    • Fix: Locate files in the root package when importing.