Wire v3.5.1-alpha2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-11-02 // 4 months ago

Previous changes from v3.5.0

  • 2020-10-27

    • New: Wire Gradle plugin improvements:
      • A task is now created for each available sources (main, Android variants, etc).
      • The wire-runtime dependency is automatically added.
      • Generated code directories are automatically added into their module's source sets.
    • New: Wire's proto parser now knows about oneOfOptions.
    • New: Wire will throw when two enum constants are ambiguous, like ZERO and zero.
    • New: Bytes options are not eligible anymore as annotation members.
    • Fix: Optional fields in proto3 are now generated as nullable fields.
    • Fix: JSON camel-casing is updated to fit latest protobuf specifications.
    • Fix: Exception messages when gRPC fails have been improved.
    • Fix: Allow ; as entry separator in option maps.
    • Fix: Enum constants are now properly escaped when conflicting with keywords of their generated target platform.
    • Fix: Update to KotlinPoet 1.7.2 which makes a lot of change in how Kotlin code is generated.