YaGson is a universal type-preserving Java serialization library that can convert (almost) arbitrary Java Objects into JSON and back, with transparent support for circular references of any kind and full support of type polymorphism.

YaGson is based on Google’s Gson, so it inherits all Gson benefits and adds new valuable features. The name YaGson is actually an abbreviation for "yet another Gson".

Compared to other JSON serializers, such as Gson or Jackson, YaGson imposes almost no restrictions on the serialized classes, and requires neither changes to those classes (like adding annotations for Jackson) nor custom Gson adapters for out-of-the-box support of complicated cases like: - child to parent references, self-references, and circular references of any other kind - mixed-type arrays, collections, and objects - inner, local, and anonymous classes.

Programming language: Java
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 or later
Tags: JSON     Serialization    
Latest version: v0.5.1

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