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  • v2.3.3

    March 20, 2019

    🆕 New checks:

    • 🤡 AssignmentToMock: Fields annotated with @mock should not be manually assigned to.
    • AutoValueImmutableFields: AutoValue recommends using immutable collections
    • CompareToZero: The result of #compareTo or #compare should only be compared to 0. It is an implementation detail whether a given type returns strictly the values {-1, 0, +1} or others.
    • DeduplicateConstants: This expression was previously declared as a constant; consider replacing this occurrence.
    • DiscardedPostfixExpression: The result of this unary operation on a lambda parameter is discarded
    • DuplicateMapKeys: Map#ofEntries will throw an IllegalArgumentException if there are any duplicate keys
    • EscapedEntity: HTML entities in @code/@literal tags will appear literally in the rendered javadoc.
    • InheritDoc: Invalid use of @inheritdoc.
    • InterfaceWithOnlyStatics: This interface only contains static fields and methods; consider making it a final class instead to prevent subclassing.
    • InvalidBlockTag: This tag is invalid.
    • InvalidInlineTag: This tag is invalid.
    • MissingSummary: A summary line is required on public/protected Javadocs.
    • MixedDescriptors: The field number passed into #getFieldByNumber belongs to a different proto to the Descriptor.
    • MixedMutabilityReturnType: This method returns both mutable and immutable collections or maps from different paths. This may be confusing for users of the method.
    • 🤡 MockitoInternalUsage: org.mockito.internal.* is a private API and should not be used by clients
    • OptionalMapToOptional: Mapping to another Optional will yield a nested Optional. Did you mean flatMap?
    • 💅 OutlineNone: Setting CSS outline style to none or 0 (while not otherwise providing visual focus indicators) is inaccessible for users navigating a web page without a mouse.
    • PreconditionsCheckNotNullRepeated: Including the first argument of checkNotNull in the failure message is not useful, as it will always be null.
    • 🚚 RedundantOverride: This override is redundant, and can be removed.
    • RefersToDaggerCodegen: Don't refer to Dagger's internal or generated code
    • RxReturnValueIgnored: Returned Rx objects must be checked. Ignoring a returned Rx value means it is never scheduled for execution
    • TreeToString: Tree#toString shouldn't be used for Trees deriving from the code being compiled, as it discards whitespace and comments.
    • TypeEquals: doesn't override Object.equals and instances are not interned by javac, so testing types for equality should be done with Types#isSameType instead
    • UnescapedEntity: Javadoc is interpreted as HTML, so HTML entities such as &, <, > must be escaped.
    • UnusedMethod: Unused.
    • 🚚 UnusedNestedClass: This nested class is unused, and can be removed.
    • UnusedVariable: Unused.
    • JavaDurationGetSecondsGetNano: duration.getNano() only accesses the underlying nanosecond adjustment from the whole second.
    • JavaDurationWithNanos: Use of java.time.Duration.withNanos(int) is not allowed.
    • JavaDurationWithSeconds: Use of java.time.Duration.withSeconds(long) is not allowed.
    • JavaInstantGetSecondsGetNano: instant.getNano() only accesses the underlying nanosecond adjustment from the whole second.
    • 0️⃣ JavaTimeDefaultTimeZone: java.time APIs that silently use the default system time-zone are not allowed.
    • JodaDurationConstructor: Use of new Duration(long) is not allowed. Please use Duration.millis(long) instead.
    • JodaDurationWithMillis: Use of duration.withMillis(long) is not allowed. Please use Duration.millis(long) instead.
    • JodaInstantWithMillis: Use of instant.withMillis(long) is not allowed. Please use new Instant(long) instead.
    • 📜 JodaNewPeriod: This may have surprising semantics, e.g. new Period(LocalDate.parse("1970-01-01"), LocalDate.parse("1970-02-02")).getDays() == 1, not 32.
    • JodaPlusMinusLong: Use of JodaTime's or type.minus(long) is not allowed (where = {Duration,Instant,DateTime,DateMidnight}). Please use or type.minus(Duration.millis(long)) instead.
    • JodaTimeConverterManager: Joda-Time's ConverterManager makes the semantics of DateTime/Instant/etc construction subject to global static state. If you need to define your own converters, use a helper.
    • JodaToSelf: Use of Joda-Time's DateTime.toDateTime(), Duration.toDuration(), Instant.toInstant(), Interval.toInterval(), and Period.toPeriod() are not allowed.
    • JodaWithDurationAddedLong: Use of JodaTime's type.withDurationAdded(long, int) (where = {Duration,Instant,DateTime}). Please use type.withDurationAdded(Duration.millis(long), int) instead.
    • TemporalAccessorGetChronoField: TemporalAccessor.get() only works for certain values of ChronoField.
    • TimeUnitConversionChecker: This TimeUnit conversion looks buggy: converting from a smaller unit to a larger unit (and passing a constant), converting to/from the same TimeUnit, or converting TimeUnits where the result is statically known to be 0 or 1 are all buggy patterns.
    • 👻 DurationFrom: Duration.from(Duration) returns itself; from(Period) throws a runtime exception.
    • DurationGetTemporalUnit: Duration.get() only works with SECONDS or NANOS.
    • DurationToLongTimeUnit: Unit mismatch when decomposing a Duration or Instant to call a <long, TimeUnit> API
    • 👻 InvalidZoneId: Invalid zone identifier. ZoneId.of(String) will throw exception at runtime.
    • 👻 PeriodFrom: Period.from(Period) returns itself; from(Duration) throws a runtime exception.
    • PeriodGetTemporalUnit: Period.get() only works with YEARS, MONTHS, or DAYS.
    • PeriodTimeMath: When adding or subtracting from a Period, Duration is incompatible.
    • ProtoDurationGetSecondsGetNano: getNanos() only accesses the underlying nanosecond-adjustment of the duration.
    • ProtoTimestampGetSecondsGetNano: getNanos() only accesses the underlying nanosecond-adjustment of the instant.
    • ProtoTruthMixedDescriptors: The arguments passed to ignoringFields are inconsistent with the proto which is the subject of the assertion.
    • TimeUnitMismatch: An value that appears to be represented in one unit is used where another appears to be required (e.g., seconds where nanos are needed)

    API changes:

    • 👍 @BugPattern.category is no longer supported; prefer @BugPattern.tags as a means to apply general tags to checks.

    Other changes:

    • ⚠ Suppress checks thoroughly when -XepDisableWarningsInGeneratedCode is passed.
    • 👉 Make UnusedVariable match unused assignments too.
    • 🖐 Handle static methods in InfiniteRecursion
    • ➕ Add common java.time types to ReturnValueIgnored.
    • 🏗 ModifiedButNotUsed: match orphaned chains of proto/collection builders
    • 👌 Improve NarrowingCompoundAssignment's fixes for ternary
    • 👍 Allow suppressing AutoValueImmutableFields at the field level rather than just for the entire class.
    • 🖐 Handle DateTimeFormat and DateTimeFormatter in MisusedWeekYear
    • 👍 Allow suppressing UnusedException on the CatchTree's VariableTree.
    • require constructors invoking a @MustBeClosed constructor to be marked @MustBeClosed too
    • 👌 support Android's @RecentlyXxx annotations and @CheckForNull in nullness analysis.
    • Match methods instead of classes in AutoValueImmutableFields checker.
    • ➕ Add a bunch more mutable types to the AutoValueImmutableFields matcher.
    • 🛠 Fix bug in WellKnownMutability incorrectly identifying proto1 as proto2.
    • Don't flag java.lang.Object in EqualsHashCode check
    • 👌 Improve AutoValueFinalMethods check by adding more specific diagnostic at first matched method.
    • The NoAllocationChecker now requires the @NoAllocation annotation to be propagated to all overrides of a method that has the annotation, to reflect the contractual nature of the annotation.
    • Catch unescaped entities in Javadocs.
  • v2.3.2

    October 11, 2018


    • 🚀 Opt-in check AndroidJdkLibsChecker enforces which JDK libraries can be used in Android applications, and, with the -XepOpt:Android:Java8Libs flag, can allow select Java 8 library support via Look out for this in after the next release.
    • Immutable{Annotation,Enum}Checker now requires the Error Prone @Immutable annotation, not the JSR-305 @Immutable annotation

    🆕 New Checks:

    🛠 Fixes Issues:

    #1008, #1028, #1038, #1040, #1077, #1078, #1079, #1083, #1084, #1085, #1095, #1096, #1101, #1125, #1129, #1130, #35, #607, #783, #849, #926

  • v2.3.1

    April 20, 2018

    🆕 New checks:

    • [AssertThrowsMultipleStatements] The lambda passed to assertThows should contain exactly one statement
    • [FieldCanBeFinal] This field is only assigned during initialization; consider making it final
    • [ObjectToString] Calling toString on Objects that don't override toString() doesn't provide useful information

    Other changes:

    • 👉 Make ParcelableCreator check an ERROR
    • OrphanedFormatString detects string literals correctly passed to @FormatMethod methods

    🛠 Fixes issues: #996, #999, #1001, #1004

  • v2.3.0

    April 19, 2018

    🆕 New checks:

    • [ParcelableCreator]: Detects classes which implement Parcelable but don't have CREATOR
    • [InconsistentCapitalization] It is confusing to have a field and a parameter under the same scope that differ only in capitalization
    • [TruthIncompatibleType] Argument is not compatible with the subject's type
    • [ByteBufferBackingArray] ByteBuffer.array() shouldn't be called unless ByteBuffer.arrayOffset() is used or if the ByteBuffer was initialized using ByteBuffer.wrap() or ByteBuffer.allocate()
    • [OrphanedFormatString] String literal contains format specifiers, but is not passed to a format method
    • [ScopeOnModule] Scopes on modules have no function and will soon be an error
    • 🖨 [CatchAndPrintStackTrace] Logging or rethrowing exceptions should usually be preferred to catching and calling printStackTrace
    • [VarTypeName] var should not be used as a type name

    Other changes:

    • ✂ Remove MoreAsserts from TryFailThrowable
    • ➕ Add java.util.Arrays to ReturnValueIgnored check
    • 👌 Improve BugCheckerRefactoringTestHelper usability
    • Extend SizeGreaterThanOrEqualsZero check to check proto repeated fields
    • Disallow method references to @DoNotCall methods
    • Disallow Error Prone BugPattern names that includes spaces.
    • ➕ Add an optional suffix comment to SuggestedFixes.addSuppressWarnings
    • 👍 Allow @CompatibleWith to be used on varargs parameters.
    • ⚠ Make StreamResourceLeak a warning
    • ✅ Recognize null test methods in java.util.Objects in nullness analysis
    • Detect more cases of nested and ignored futures.
    • ✅ Make the failure message in DiagnosticTestHelper easier to read.
    • ⚠ Enable QualifierOrScopeOnInjectMethod as a WARNING
    • Consolidate NamedParameters and ParameterName

    🛠 Fixes issues: #789, #893, #897, #899, #899, #904, #914, #921, #931, #942, #945, #954, #993

  • v2.2.0

    January 08, 2018

    🆕 New errors:

    • [ComparableType] A new check for detecting incompatibility of types between the type of a class implementing Comparable<T> and T.
    • [ConditionalExpressionNumericPromotion] A conditional expression with numeric second and third operands of differing types may give surprising results.

    🆕 New warnings:

    🆕 New optional checks:

    • [StringSplit] detects String.split(String), which has surprising behaviour.
    • ♻️ [StringSplitter] refactors uses of String.split to Splitter.
    • 💅 [TypeParameterNaming] enforces that type parameters are named according to the google style guide.
    • [RandomCast] casting a random number in the range [0.0, 1.0) to an integer or long always results in 0.

    🔄 Changes to existing checks

    • 👍 ArrayEquals now detects misuse of
    • 👍 EqualsIncompatibleType now detects misuse of
    • SizeGreaterThanOrEqualsZero now detects misuse of common Android-specific collections.
    • FilesLinesLeak was renamed to StreamResourceLeak, and now checks other methods in Files.
    • 👕 FunctionalInterfaceClash is no longer enabled by default.
    • JUnit4{SetUp,TearDown}NotRun will find methods that look like setup or teardown methods, but have a @Before or @After annotation that are not org.junit.Before or org.junit.After.
    • SimpleDateFormatConstant now handles all DateFormats, and is renamed to DateFormatConstant
    • 0️⃣ Disable RestrictToEnforcer by default (fixes #812).
    • EqualsIncompatibleType/PredicateIncompatibleType/CollectionIncompatible now explore type parameters to ensure their compatibility: Foo<A> is incompatible with Foo<B> if A and B are incompatible with each-other.

    Other changes

    • ⚡️ Update to javac 9+181-r4173-1 (fixes #781 and #784).
    • ✂ Remove BugPattern.suppressibility and BugPattern.customSuppressionAnnotations: suppressionAnnotations should be used instead.
  • v2.1.3

    November 28, 2017
  • v2.1.2

    October 19, 2017
  • v2.1.1

    August 28, 2017
  • v2.1.0

    August 21, 2017
  • v2.0.21

    June 30, 2017