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Easy to use, very low overhead, Java APM
Featured Library // Category Monitoring

JDK 20 Security Enhancements

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The best way to use JOIN FETCH and Pagination with Spring

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OrientDB is the most versatile DBMS supporting Graph, Document, Reactive, Full-Text and Geospatial models in one Multi-Model product. OrientDB can run distributed (Multi-Master), supports SQL, ACID Transactions, Full-Text indexing and Reactive Queries.
Featured Library // Category Database

JEP 401: Null-Restricted Value Object Storage (Preview)

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A very early preview of the new Jakarta Data API

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How to find dead code in your Java services

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Java 20 / JDK 20: General Availability

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Java Constraint Solver to solve vehicle routing, employee rostering, task assignment, maintenance scheduling, conference scheduling and other planning problems.
Featured Library // Category Constraint Satisfaction Problem Solver

JDK 21: Disallowing the dynamic loading of agents by default

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SuperWord (Auto-Vectorization) - An Introduction

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Pact JVM

JVM version of Pact. Enables consumer driven contract testing, providing a mock service and DSL for the consumer project, and interaction playback and verification for the service provider project.
Featured Library // Category Testing


A Sentry SDK for Java, Android and other JVM languages.
Featured Library // Category Monitoring

JEP 442: Foreign Function & Memory API (Third Preview)

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The JGroups project
Featured Library // Category Distributed Applications

JEP draft: Launch Multi-File Source-Code Programs

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Into the Drools Engine. Your Own Scoring System

In this little tutorial, I am going to show you how to turn Drools rule engine into a practical form of a deployable expert system. I will show you how to make your very own scoring service โ€“ like in the banks... well, almost. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Of course, it will not be ready for production but it should give you enough fuel for your imagination to let you sketch your own solution.
Tutorial Added by: izajud //


ActiveJ is an alternative Java platform built from the ground up. ActiveJ redefines core, web and high-load programming in Java, providing simplicity, maximum performance and scalability
Featured Library // Category Web Frameworks

JDK 20 - G1/Parallel/Serial GC improvements

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The Guide to Java 20

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InfoWorld: Eclipse Java downloads skyrocket

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JDK 21 Strikes Back: Stable Virtual Threads and Generational ZGC

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SAP Machine

An OpenJDK release maintained and supported by SAP
Featured Library // Category JVM and JDK

gRPC on the client side

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The Ultimate Guide to Java Virtual Threads

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๐ŸŒ‹ 5 Awesome Java Projects EP2: Microservices, iOT and More

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MockServer enables easy mocking of any system you integrate with via HTTP or HTTPS with clients written in Java, JavaScript and Ruby. MockServer also includes a proxy that introspects all proxied traffic including encrypted SSL traffic and supports Port Forwarding, Web Proxying (i.e. HTTP proxy), HTTPS Tunneling Proxying (using HTTP CONNECT) and SOCKS Proxying (i.e. dynamic port forwarding).
Featured Library // Category Testing

The best way to use Spring Data query methods

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