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Apache ActiveMQ Artemis

The Next Generation Message Broker by Apache ActiveMQ
Featured Library // Category Messaging


Thymeleaf vs FreeMarker

Popular comparison
  • Thymeleaf - Aims to be a substitute for JSP and works for XML files in general.
  • FreeMarker - General templating engine without any heavyweight or opinionated dependencies.

Apache PDFBox vs iText

Popular comparison
  • Apache PDFBox - Toolbox for creating and manipulating PDF.
  • iText - Creates PDF files programmatically but requires a license for commercial purposes.

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jOOQ 3.14 Released With SQL/XML and SQL/JSON Support

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A scalable Constraint Solver by Red Hat
Featured Library // Category Constraint Satisfaction Problem Solver

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Microsoft JDConf 2020 (Oct 27th)

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Apache Geode

Mirror of Apache Geode (Incubating)
Featured Library // Category Caching

MapStruct vs ModelMapper

Popular comparison
  • MapStruct - Code generator which simplifies mappings between different bean types, based on a convention over configuration approach.
  • ModelMapper - ModelMapper is an intelligent object mapping library that automatically maps objects to each other.

Guava v30.0

A new version of Guava has been released
New Version


Integrates other analysis components via plugins and provides an overview of the metrics over time.
Featured Library // Category Code Analysis

OkHttp vs Netty

Popular comparison
  • OkHttp - HTTP+SPDY client.
  • Netty - Framework for building high performance network applications.


In-memory high performance caching library.
Featured Library // Category Caching

SonarJava vs Spotbugs

Popular comparison
  • SonarJava - Static analyzer for SonarQube & SonarLint.
  • Spotbugs - Static analysis of bytecode to find potential bugs.

SBE v1.20.3

A new version of SBE has been released
New Version

Apache PDFBox

Toolbox for creating and manipulating PDF.
Featured Library // Category PDF

Did you know even APIs have SLA

When you rely on a third party API for your application's features, it is important that you can reliably expect them work. In this article we'll look at the Service Level Agreement, or SLA, and how it protects both you and the provider in the event of an outage or problem.
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What is JavaFX and why do we need it?

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Top Stories
  • 9 High-Performance Tips when using MySQL and Java
  • A Hitchhiker's Guide to Containerizing (Spring Boot) Java Apps
  • When not to use Hibernate
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Spock vs Cucumber

Popular comparison
  • Spock - JUnit-compatible framework featuring an expressive Groovy-derived specification language.
  • Cucumber - BDD testing framework.

Caffeine v2.8.6

A new version of Caffeine has been released
New Version


Lightweight asynchronous framework built from the ground up for developing high-performance web applications.
Featured Library // Category Web Frameworks

Corretto vs Zulu

Popular comparison
  • Corretto - No-cost, multiplatform, production-ready distribution of OpenJDK by Amazon.
  • Zulu - OpenJDK builds for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Last 30 Days

Spotbugs vs PMD

Popular comparison
  • Spotbugs - Static analysis of bytecode to find potential bugs.
  • PMD - Source code analysis for finding bad coding practices.

Inside Java Podcast: The Z Garbage Collector (ZGC)

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When not to use Hibernate

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gRPC v1.32.2

A new version of gRPC has been released
New Version


NoSQL data store using the seastar framework, compatible with Apache Cassandra
Featured Library // Category Distributed Databases

JDK 15 Security Enhancements

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JUnit v13.1

A new version of JUnit has been released
New Version