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Apache PDFBox

Toolbox for creating and manipulating PDF.
Featured library // Category PDF

Thymeleaf vs FreeMarker

Popular comparison
  • Thymeleaf - Aims to be a substitute for JSP and works for XML files in general.
  • FreeMarker - General templating engine without any heavyweight or opinionated dependencies.

Java Finalization to be Deprecated?

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Impossible Java

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Translates JML specifications into SMT-LIB format and passes the proof problems implied by the program to backend solvers.
Featured library // Category Formal Verification

Jersey vs Spark

Popular comparison
  • Jersey - JAX-RS reference implementation.
  • Spark - Sinatra inspired framework.

Organize Methods With The Stepdown Rule

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Provides simple and fast data access.
Featured library // Category ORM

jOOQ vs Querydsl

Popular comparison
  • jOOQ - Generates typesafe code based on SQL schema.
  • Querydsl - Typesafe unified queries.

Top Java blogs to follow

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Codename One

Cross platform solution for writing native mobile (iOS, Android, etc.)
Featured library // Category Miscellaneous

Javaslang vs Functional Java

Popular comparison
  • Javaslang - Functional component library that provides persistent data types and functional control structures.
  • Functional Java - Implements numerous basic and advanced programming abstractions that assist composition-oriented development.

Modules vs. microservices

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Apache POI

Supports OOXML (XLSX, DOCX, PPTX) as well as OLE2 (XLS, DOC or PPT).
Featured library // Category Document Processing

JBehave vs Cucumber

Popular comparison
  • JBehave - Framework for Behavioural Driven Development.
  • Cucumber - BDD testing framework.

Apache Log4j 2

Complete rewrite with a powerful plugin and configuration architecture.
Featured library // Category Logging

Apache Kafka vs Apache Camel

Popular comparison
  • Apache Kafka - High-throughput distributed messaging system.
  • Apache Camel - Glues together different transport APIs via Enterprise Integration Patterns.

Checker Framework

Pluggable type systems. Includes nullness types, physical units, immutability types and more.
Featured library // Category Formal Verification

MapStruct vs ModelMapper

Popular comparison
  • MapStruct - Code generator which simplifies mappings between different bean types, based on a convention over configuration approach.
  • ModelMapper - ModelMapper is an intelligent object mapping library that automatically maps objects to each other.

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  • How Project Amber Will Revolutionize Java
  • Java 9's other new enhancements, Part 1: Factory methods in Java Collections
  • Java 9's other new enhancements, Part 3: The Process API
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OkHttp Example REST Client

billoneil added a tutorial to OkHttp Tutorials

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Provides server-based deployment services.
Featured library // Category Continuous Integration

Codacy vs SonarQube

Popular comparison
  • Codacy - Continuous static analysis, code coverage, and software metrics to automate code reviews.
  • SonarQube - Integrates other analysis components via plugins and provides an overview of the metrics over time.


Provides a RESTful API on top of Kafka.
Featured library // Category Messaging

WireMock vs Mockito

Popular comparison
  • WireMock - Stubbs and mocks web services.
  • Mockito - Creation of test double objects in automated unit tests for the purpose of TDD or BDD.