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Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

Apache PDFBox

Mirror of Apache PDFBox
Featured Library // Category PDF

How I Hacked Google App Engine: Anatomy of a Java Bytecode Exploit

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Deep Java Library (DJL)

An Engine-Agnostic Deep Learning Framework in Java
Featured Library // Category Machine Learning

Embedding Rust code in Java Jar for distribution

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Java / JavaFX / Kotlin Game Library (Engine)
Featured Library // Category Game Development

Apache POI

Mirror of Apache POI
Featured Library // Category Document Processing

A real-world example of a Stream Collector

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Exploring Spring Security under the hood.

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Codename One

Cross-platform framework for building truly native mobile apps with Java or Kotlin. Write Once Run Anywhere support for iOS, Android, Desktop & Web.
Featured Library // Category Miscellaneous

OpenL Tablets

OpenL Tablets Business Rules Management System
Featured Library // Category Microservice

JEP 414: Vector API (Second Incubator)

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Hazelcast Jet

Distributed Stream and Batch Processing
Featured Library // Category Distributed Applications

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  • JetBrains drops 32-bit support starting with IntelliJ 2021.2
  • Fixing a Bug in Java
  • New open-source In-memory database for jvm based languages.
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A networking framework that evolves with your application
Featured Library // Category Networking

Frequently Asked Jenkins Interview Questions

With the latest advancements in the world of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) process, it is possible to deliver the developed software much faster to the end-users than it was with the traditional approaches. Even though there are so many tools to enable the development teams to deliver the Software - fast and continuous - the set of open source tools available to achieve this will have its edge.
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A JavaFX UI (2D+3D) for Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man

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🔐 A lightweight high level library for configuring a http client or server based on SSLContext or other properties such as TrustManager, KeyManager or Trusted Certificates to communicate over SSL TLS for one way authentication or two way authentication provided by the SSLFactory. Support for Java, Scala and Kotlin based clients with examples. Available client examples are: Apache HttpClient, OkHttp, Spring RestTemplate, Spring WebFlux WebClient Jetty and Netty, the old and the new JDK HttpClient, the old and the new Jersey Client, Google HttpClient, Unirest, Retrofit, Feign, Methanol, Vertx, Scala client Finagle, Featherbed, Dispatch Reboot, AsyncHttpClient, Sttp, Akka, Requests Scala, Http4s Blaze, Kotlin client Fuel, http4k Kohttp and Ktor. Also gRPC and ElasticSearch examples are included
Featured Library // Category Security

Apache ActiveMQ Artemis

Mirror of Apache ActiveMQ Artemis
Featured Library // Category Messaging

Compiler Explorer - Java support

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Fixing a Bug in Java

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LITIENGINE 🕹 The pure 2D java game engine.
Featured Library // Category Game Development

Spring Boot Interview Questions

Spring boot is the hottest topic of discussion in interviews if it comes to Java Application development. Because of its fast, low configuration, inbuild server, and monitoring features, it helps to build a stand-alone java application from scratch with very robust and maintainable.
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:coffee: SonarSource Static Analyzer for Java Code Quality and Security
Featured Library // Category Code Analysis

JetBrains drops 32-bit support starting with IntelliJ 2021.2

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New open-source In-memory database for jvm based languages.

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