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The modular web framework for Java and Kotlin
Featured Library // Category Web Frameworks



A static site for the Jenkins automation server
Featured Library // Category Continuous Integration

getter and setter in java

get and set methods are basically used in Encapsulation. Encapsulation means hiding sensitive date from user. To hide sensitive data from user we have to declare class variables as private.
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recursion in java

recursion is a process where a method calls itself infinitely or endlessly.recursion makes a java code closely packed. Here’s an example on infinite recursive function.
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difference between hashmap and hashset in java

HashSet stores only objects.
HashMap stores elements in key and value pairs. That is each element has its corresponding key which is used for retrieval during iteration.
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Checker Framework

Pluggable type-checking for Java
Featured Library // Category Formal Verification

JVM Anatomy Quark #30: Conditional Moves

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Difference between abstract class and interface in java

Here’s the difference between abstract class and abstract class can have protected, private etc. as access modifiers for class members.
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write a java program to add two binary numbers

Binary number is a number expressed or represented in 0 and 1. Hence binary numbers consists of 0’s and 1’s.
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Sealed Classes - JEP Café #2

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Apache Solr

Apache Lucene and Solr open-source search software
Featured Library // Category Search

JavaFX: One Codebase for Web, PC, and Mobile

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eXist Native XML Database and Application Platform
Featured Library // Category Database

JVM Anatomy Quark #29: Uncommon Traps

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JVM Anatomy Quark #28: Frequency-Based Code Layout

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OpenJDK Vulnerability Advisory: 2021/07/20

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Continuous Inspection
Featured Library // Category Code Analysis

Spring GraphQL Milestone One

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Static util methods within lambdas

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Validating Input with Finite Automata in Java | Baeldung

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JVM Anatomy Quark #27: Compiler Blackholes

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JVM Anatomy Quark #26: Identity Hash Code

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Binary search in java

Binary search is the process of searching key element from sorted array.
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Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter
Featured Library // Category Testing

System arraycopy() method in java

java arraycopy copies an array from the specified source array, beginning at the specified position, to the specified position of the destination array.
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