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Byte Buddy

Further simplifies bytecode generation with a fluent API.
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Visual Studio Code

Provides Java support for lightweight projects with a simple, modern workflow by using extensions from the internal marketplace.
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JDK 10 Early Access Release Notes

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Easy Rules vs Drools

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  • Easy Rules - The simple, stupid Java rules engine
  • Drools - Drools Expert is the rule engine and Drools Fusion does complex event processing (CEP).

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  • IBM Java CTO: Devs shouldn't have to learn Docker, K8s, 30 other things to deploy an app
  • JEP draft: Use UTF-8 as default Charset
  • Understanding Java Logging Hell - An introduction [video]
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Apache Pulsar

Distributed pub/sub-messaging system.
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HK2 vs Guice

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  • HK2 - Light-weight and dynamic dependency injection framework.
  • Guice - Lightweight but powerful framework that completes Dagger.

Brian Goetz Speaks to InfoQ on Data Classes for Java

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Named Parameters in Java 8

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Bulk data loader that helps data transfer between various databases, storages, file formats, and cloud services.
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Spring Boot 2.0.0.RC2 has been released

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JaCoCo vs Cobertura

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  • JaCoCo - Framework that enables collection of code coverage metrics, using both offline and runtime bytecode instrumentation; prominently used by EclEmma, the Eclipse code-coverage plugin.
  • Cobertura - Relies on offline (or static) bytecode instrumentation and class loading to collect code coverage metrics; GPLv2 licensed.

JEP draft: Use UTF-8 as default Charset

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CoreNLP vs Apache OpenNLP

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  • CoreNLP - Stanford's CoreNLP provides a set of fundamental tools for tasks like tagging, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis and many more.
  • Apache OpenNLP - Toolkit for common tasks like tokenization.

Pact JVM

Consumer-driven contract testing.
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MapStruct vs ModelMapper

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  • MapStruct - Code generator which simplifies mappings between different bean types, based on a convention over configuration approach.
  • ModelMapper - ModelMapper is an intelligent object mapping library that automatically maps objects to each other.

SpringBoot Messaging with RabbitMQ

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Static analysis of bytecode to find potential bugs.
Featured Library // Category Code Analysis

What else targeted to Java 10 besides of "var"

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JavaFX Game Development Framework.
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Traffic Shadowing With Istio: Reducing the Risk of Code Release

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Provides a set of pipeline utilities designed around work queues that run in parallel to sequentially process data objects.
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A small framework for microbenchmark clients, with implementations for Commons DBCP and Pool.
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Interface to signing and verifying data using OpenPGP.
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Nabla provides automatic differentiation classes that can generate derivative of any function implemented in the Java language.
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Monitoring aims to provide a simple but extensible monitoring solution for Java applications.
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