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Stfalcon Fixturer

Utility for developers and QAs what helps minimize time wasting on writing the same data for testing over and over again
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Fault-tolerant distributed coordination framework.
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JavaFX 11.0.2 Release Notes

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MapStruct vs ModelMapper

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  • MapStruct - Code generator which simplifies mappings between different bean types, based on a convention over configuration approach.
  • ModelMapper - ModelMapper is an intelligent object mapping library that automatically maps objects to each other.



Simple Binary Encoding, one of the fastest message formats around.
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SonarQube vs Error Prone

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  • SonarQube - Integrates other analysis components via plugins and provides an overview of the metrics over time.
  • Error Prone - Catches common programming mistakes as compile-time errors.

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Integration testing framework with focus on client- and serverside messaging.
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Simple Flat Mapper

Fast and Easy mapping from database, cassandra, csv to POJO.
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Akka vs Axon Framework

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  • Akka - Toolkit and runtime for building concurrent, distributed, and fault tolerant event-driven applications.
  • Axon Framework - Framework for creating CQRS applications.

Java in 2019: A Look Ahead

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Codename One

Cross platform solution for writing native mobile (iOS, Android, etc.)
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MockServer vs WireMock

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  • MockServer - Allows mocking of systems that are integrated with HTTP/S.
  • WireMock - Stubbs and mocks web services.

Easy Rules vs Drools

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  • Easy Rules - The simple, stupid Java rules engine
  • Drools - Drools Expert is the rule engine and Drools Fusion does complex event processing (CEP).


Open-source aggregator suited for extended role and permission management.
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Reladomo is an enterprise grade object-relational mapping framework for Java.
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Creating a Vaadin Flow Server-Side API for a Javascript component

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So you want to develop an IntelliJ plugin

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Awesome Java Newsletter » 138

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  • Netflix OSS and Spring Boot - Coming Full Circle
  • Java game development episode 4!! Short one this week just showing off what's been done :) any feedback welcome
  • JVM Anatomy Park #22: Safepoint Polls
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Open source Java APM.
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JaCoCo vs Cobertura

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  • JaCoCo - Framework that enables collection of code coverage metrics, using both offline and runtime bytecode instrumentation; prominently used by EclEmma, the Eclipse code-coverage plugin.
  • Cobertura - Relies on offline (or static) bytecode instrumentation and class loading to collect code coverage metrics; GPLv2 licensed.

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JFX Days Zurich 2018: Custom Controls

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Apache POI

Supports OOXML (XLSX, DOCX, PPTX) as well as OLE2 (XLS, DOC or PPT).
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SDKMan vs jenv

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  • SDKMan - Java Version Manager inspired by RVM and rbenv. Supports UNIX-based platforms and Windows.
  • jenv - Java Version Manager inspired by rbenv. Can configure globally or per project. Tested on Debian and Mac OS X.

Commercial support for Joda and ThreeTen projects

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Oracle Java SE Releases FAQ

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Selma vs MapStruct

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  • Selma - Stupid Simple Statically Linked Mapper. Selma is an Annotation Processor Based bean mapper.
  • MapStruct - Code generator which simplifies mappings between different bean types, based on a convention over configuration approach.


Mocks static, final methods and more.
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