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CUBA Platform

High level framework for development of enterprise applications with rich web interface, based on Spring, EclipseLink and Vaadin.
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docx4j vs Apache POI

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  • docx4j - Creating and manipulating Microsoft Open XML files.
  • Apache POI - Supports OOXML (XLSX, DOCX, PPTX) as well as OLE2 (XLS, DOC or PPT).

Typesafe Config Features and Example Usage

A brief tutorial showing several features including reading config values as lists, configuration resolution, fallback configs, memory helpers, duration helpers and boolean helpers.
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Java Concurrency for Dummies Part 1 : The Basics

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Cross-platform XMPP client library.
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Cucumber vs Spock

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  • Cucumber - BDD testing framework.
  • Spock - JUnit-compatible framework featuring an expressive Groovy-derived specification language.

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Event-driven framework build on top of GWT. Uses server-side architecture with Ajax on the client-side.
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A Java API for generating .java source files.

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Apache Log4j 2 vs Logback

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  • Apache Log4j 2 - Complete rewrite with a powerful plugin and configuration architecture.
  • Logback - Robust logging library with interesting configuration options via Groovy.


Simple Binary Encoding, one of the fastest message formats around.
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New method in JDK 9: InputStream.transferTo(OutputStream)

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Retrofit vs Feign

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  • Retrofit - Type-safe REST client.
  • Feign - HTTP client binder inspired by Retrofit, JAXRS-2.0, and WebSocket.


Graph library that provides mathematical graph-theory objects and algorithms.
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Java Still Number One, But What’s Taking Over?

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Efficient reliable unicast and multicast message transport.
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Selma vs MapStruct

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  • Selma - Stupid Simple Statically Linked Mapper. Selma is an Annotation Processor Based bean mapper.
  • MapStruct - Code generator which simplifies mappings between different bean types, based on a convention over configuration approach.

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  • A Detailed Guide to Java 8 CompletableFuture
  • From null to Optional - An introduction to Java 8 Optional
  • Basics of Java Garbage Collection
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A scalable Constraint Solver by Red Hat
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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Learn to Code from Codecademy

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gRPC vs Finagle

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  • gRPC - RPC framework based on protobuf and HTTP/2.
  • Finagle - Extensible RPC system used to construct high-concurrency servers. It implements uniform client and server APIs for several protocols, and is protocol agnostic, which simplifies the implementation of new protocols.

From null to Optional - An introduction to Java 8 Optional

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Presto vs Apache Phoenix

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  • Presto - Distributed SQL query engine for big data.
  • Apache Phoenix - High performance relational database layer over HBase for low latency applications.

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Concise API around Selenium to write stable and readable UI tests.
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Reactive Streams 1.0.1 is here!

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Apache PDFBox vs iText

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  • Apache PDFBox - Toolbox for creating and manipulating PDF.
  • iText - Creates PDF files programmatically but requires a license for commercial purposes.

Autocomplete for Java command line apps?

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Library for developing geospatial applications. Built on top of the Apache SIS project.
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Bean Validation 2.0 released! 🎉

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