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springdoc-openapi v1.2.27

A new version of springdoc-openapi has been released
New Version


Parse, modify and generate Java code.
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Agrona v1.3.0

A new version of Agrona has been released
New Version

Apache Mahout

Scalable algorithms focused on collaborative filtering, clustering and classification.
Featured Library // Category Machine Learning

Java Stream Collectors Explained

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Undertow vs Netty

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  • Undertow - Web server providing both blocking and non-blocking API’s based on NIO. Used as a network layer in WildFly.
  • Netty - Framework for building high performance network applications.

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Dozer vs ModelMapper

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  • Dozer - Mapper that copies data from one object to another, using annotations, API or XML configuration.
  • ModelMapper - ModelMapper is an intelligent object mapping library that automatically maps objects to each other.

Prototype java in a browser, see results as you type

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ScaleCube v2.8.10-RC1

A new version of ScaleCube has been released
New Version

Codename One

Cross platform solution for writing native mobile (iOS, Android, etc.)
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Enforcing Java Record Invariants With Bean Validation

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IntelliJ-based IDE Features Roadmap for 2020 (Part 2)

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Builds optimized runtimes over HTTP.
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TestContainers v1.12.5

A new version of TestContainers has been released
New Version


Clean, lightweight protocol buffers.
Featured Library // Category Data structures

Orika vs MapStruct

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  • Orika - Orika is a Java Bean mapping framework that recursively copies (among other capabilities) data from one object to another.
  • MapStruct - Code generator which simplifies mappings between different bean types, based on a convention over configuration approach.

OpenPDF v1.3.12

A new version of OpenPDF has been released
New Version


Cross-platform XMPP client library.
Featured Library // Category Messaging

Feign vs Retrofit

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  • Feign - HTTP client binder inspired by Retrofit, JAXRS-2.0, and WebSocket.
  • Retrofit - Type-safe REST client.

OpenJ9 v0.18.0

A new version of OpenJ9 has been released
New Version

Apache ActiveMQ Artemis

The Next Generation Message Broker by Apache ActiveMQ
Featured Library // Category Messaging

Spotbugs v4.0.0._beta5

A new version of Spotbugs has been released
New Version

Thymeleaf vs FreeMarker

Popular comparison
  • Thymeleaf - Aims to be a substitute for JSP and works for XML files in general.
  • FreeMarker - General templating engine without any heavyweight or opinionated dependencies.

Apache FOP vs Apache PDFBox

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  • Apache FOP - Creates PDF from XSL-FO.
  • Apache PDFBox - Toolbox for creating and manipulating PDF.


Command-line Argument Parsers CLI
Featured Library // Category Command-line Argument Parsers

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Simple Java Mail

Mailing with a clean and fluent API.
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