100 Projects libraries and projects

  • EventBus

    9.8 4.2 L4 Java
    Simple publish/subscribe event bus.
  • Arthas

    9.8 9.5 Java
    Allows to troubleshoot production issues for applications without modifying code or restarting servers.
  • LeakCanary

    9.8 8.9 L3 Java
    Memory leak detection.
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  • Nacos

    9.7 9.5 Java
    Dynamic service discovery, configuration and service management platform for building cloud native applications.
  • Seata

    9.7 9.1 Java
    Delivers high performance and easy to use distributed transaction services under a microservices architecture.
  • Sentinel

    9.6 8.3 Java
    Flow control component enabling reliability, resilience and monitoring for microservices.
  • zipkin

    9.5 8.9 Java
    Distributed tracing system which gathers timing data needed to troubleshoot latency problems in microservice architectures.
  • webmagic

    9.4 6.5 Java
    Scalable crawler with downloading, url management, content extraction and persistent.
  • Graal

    9.4 10.0 Java
    Polyglot embeddable JVM. (GPL-2.0-only WITH Classpath-exception-2.0)
  • FizzBuzz Enterprise Edition

    9.2 0.0 Java
    No-nonsense implementation of FizzBuzz made by serious businessmen for serious business purposes. (No explicit license)
  • bytecode-viewer

    9.2 2.7 Java
    Java 8 Jar & Android APK reverse engineering suite. (GPL-3.0-only)
  • Tink

    9.1 9.7 Java
    Provides a simple and misuse-proof API for common cryptographic tasks.
  • Quarkus

    8.8 10.0 Java
    Quarkus: Supersonic Subatomic Java.
  • JavaCV

    8.6 6.5 Java
    Java interface to OpenCV, FFmpeg, and more.
  • Flowable (V6)

    8.4 9.7 Java
    A compact and highly efficient workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) platform for developers, system admins and business users.
  • Leaf

    8.3 2.9 Java
    Distributed ID generate service.
  • Apache Calcite

    8.1 9.5 Java
    Dynamic data management framework. It contains many of the pieces that comprise a typical database management system.
  • Reflections

    8.1 2.5 Java
    Reflections scans your classpath, indexes the metadata, allows you to query it on runtime and may save and collect that information for many modules within your project.
  • Armeria

    8.0 9.4 Java
    Asynchronous RPC/REST client/server library built on top of Java 8, Netty, HTTP/2, Thrift and gRPC.
  • Dragonwell8

    7.7 6.8 Shell
    Downstream version of OpenJDK optimized for online e-commerce, financial, logistics applications.
  • Apache Drill

    7.6 8.2 Java
    Distributed, schema on-the-fly, ANSI SQL query engine for Big Data exploration.
  • jOOR

    7.5 4.5 Java
    jOOR stands for jOOR Object Oriented Reflection. It is a simple wrapper for the java.lang.reflect package.
  • unirest-java

    7.5 8.8 L2 Java
    Simplified, lightweight HTTP client library.
  • Java Faker

    7.4 7.3 Java
    A port of Ruby's fake data generator.
  • OpenPDF

    7.0 8.2 Java
    Open-source iText fork. (LGPL-3.0-only & MPL-2.0)
  • ClassGraph

    6.9 9.2 Java
    ClassGraph (formerly FastClasspathScanner) is an uber-fast, ultra-lightweight, parallelized classpath scanner and module scanner for Java, Scala, Kotlin and other JVM languages.
  • Siddhi

    6.8 8.5 Java
    Cloud native streaming and complex event processing engine.
  • RabbitMQ Java client

    6.7 5.7 Java
    RabbitMQ client.
  • Jaeger client

    6.6 7.4 Java
    Jaeger client.
  • shedlock

    6.5 9.1 Java
    Makes sure that your scheduled tasks are executed at most once at the same time. If a task is being executed on one node, it acquires a lock which prevents execution of the same task from another node or thread.
  • p6spy

    6.4 4.8 Java
    Enables logging for all JDBC transactions without changes to the code.
  • XChart

    6.3 7.6 Java
    A light-weight library for plotting data. Many customizable chart types are available.
  • ReflectASM

    6.1 0.4 Java
    ReflectASM is a very small Java library that provides high performance reflection by using code generation.
  • Tabula

    6.0 6.1 Java
    Extracts tables from PDF files.
  • Open HTML to PDF

    5.9 8.3 Java
    Properly supports modern PDF standards based on flyingsaucer and Apache PDFBox.
  • bucket4j

    5.8 7.0 Java
    Rate limiting library based on token-bucket algorithm.
  • Simple Java Mail

    5.7 8.3 Java
    Mailing with a clean and fluent API.
  • Elide

    5.6 8.9 Java
    Opinionated framework for JSON- or GraphQL-APIs based on a JPA data model.
  • springdoc-openapi

    5.6 9.5 Java
    Automates the generation of API documentation using Spring Boot projects.
  • jasync-sql

    5.6 6.7 Kotlin
    Async DB driver for MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • JFreeChart

    5.6 8.8 Java
    2D chart library for Swing, JavaFX and server-side applications.
  • BioJava

    5.5 8.3 Java
    Faciliates processing biological data by providing algorithms, file format parsers, sequencing and 3D visualization commonly used in bioinformatics.
  • Stripe

    5.5 9.0 Java
    Integration with the Stripe API
  • Adopt Open JDK

    5.5 9.2 Shell
    OpenJDK builds which allows to choose between HotSpot and OpenJ9.
  • Jansi

    5.4 2.0 Java
    ANSI escape codes to format console output.
  • Tribuo

    5.2 7.9 Java
    Provides tools for classification, regression, clustering, model development and interfaces with other libraries such as scikit-learn, pytorch and TensorFlow.

    5.1 4.5 Java
    JSON library with advanced compile time databinding.
  • Parity

    5.1 4.0 Java
    Platform for trading venues.
  • zt-exec

    5.1 3.9 Java
    Provides a unified API to Apache Commons Exec and ProcessBuilder.
  • easy-batch

    5.0 8.3 Java
    Set up batch jobs with simple processing pipelines. Records are read in sequence from a data source, processed in pipeline and written in batches to a data sink.
  • ServiceTalk

    4.9 9.0 Java
    Framework built on Netty with APIs tailored to specific protocols and support for multiple programming paradigms.
  • Rocker

    4.8 5.6 Java
    Optimized, memory efficient and speedy template engine producing statically typed, plain objects.
  • Mixin

    4.7 5.4 Java
    Manipulate bytecode at runtime using real Java code.
  • Objenesis

    4.5 2.7 Java
    Allows dynamic instantiation without default constructor, e.g. constructors which have required arguments, side effects or throw exceptions.
  • cache2k

    4.4 9.1 Java
    In-memory high performance caching library.
  • Aparapi

    4.4 7.3 Java
    Converts bytecode to OpenCL which allows execution on GPUs.
  • NATS client

    4.3 6.6 Java
    NATS client.
  • AkkaGRPC

    4.3 8.9 Scala
    Support for building streaming gRPC servers and clients on top of Akka Streams.
  • oj! Algorithms

    4.2 8.0 Java
    High-performance mathematics, linear algebra and optimisation needed for data science, machine learning and scientific computing.
  • Mini2Dx

    4.1 8.3 Java
    Beginner-friendly, master-ready framework for rapidly prototyping and building 2D games.
  • AranoDB

    4.0 7.9 Java
    ArangoDB Java driver.
  • Philadelphia

    3.9 6.8 Java
    Low-latency financial information exchange.
  • Doma 2

    3.9 9.2 Java
    Database access framework that verifies and generates source code at compile time using annotation processing as well as native SQL templates called two-way SQL.
  • db-scheduler

    3.9 8.1 Java
    Persistent and cluster-friendly scheduler.
  • XMLUnit

    3.9 7.4 Java
    Simplifies testing for XML output.
  • ASCII Table

    3.9 0.0 Java
    Library to draw tables in ASCII.
  • SAP Machine

    3.9 10.0 Java
    SAP's no-cost, rigorously tested and JCK-verified OpenJDK friendly fork. (GPL-2.0-only WITH Classpath-exception-2.0)
  • Kalium

    3.8 0.0 Java
    Binding for the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library.
  • Play WS

    3.8 7.6 Scala
    Typesafe client with reactive streams and caching.
  • Permazen

    3.8 6.1 HTML
    Language-natural persistence layer.
  • Lingua

    3.7 7.7 Kotlin
    Natural language detection library, especially suited for short paragraphs of text.
  • OpenTracing Toolbox

    3.6 8.1 Java
    Collection of libraries that build on top of OpenTracing and provide extensions and plugins to existing instrumentations.
  • Apache Qpid

    3.6 0.0 L1 Java
    Apache Qpid makes messaging tools that speak AMQP and support many languages and platforms.
  • Drift

    3.5 4.1 Java
    Easy-to-use, annotation-based library for creating Thrift clients and serializable types.
  • jqwik

    3.5 9.6 Java
    Engine for property-based testing built on JUnit 5.
  • Text-IO

    3.5 3.4 Java
    Aids the creation of full console-based applications.
  • HyperMinHash-java

    3.4 1.5 Java
    Probabilistic data structure for computing union, intersection, and set cardinality in loglog space.
  • image-comparison

    3.4 5.3 Java
    Compares two images with the same sizes and shows the differences visually by drawing rectangles.
  • JobRunr

    3.3 9.4 Java
    Job scheduling library which utilizes lambdas for fire-and-forget, delayed and recurring jobs. Guarantees execution by single scheduler instance using optimistic locking. Has features for persistence, minimal dependencies and is embeddable.
  • Jwks RSA

    3.2 5.8 Java
    JSON Web Key Set parser.
  • ChartFx

    3.2 9.2 Java
    A scientific charting library focused on performance optimised real-time data visualisation at 25 Hz update rates for data sets with a few 10 thousand up to 5 million data points.
  • TLS Channel

    3.1 6.9 Java
    Implements a ByteChannel interface over SSLEngine, enabling easy-to-use (socket-like) TLS.
  • zt-process-killer

    3.1 1.5 Java
    Stops processes started from Java or the system processes via PID.
  • yGuard

    3.0 8.0 Java
    Obfuscation via renaming and shrinking.
  • Square

    3.0 1.5 Java
    Integration with the Square API.
  • PipelinR

    2.9 2.9 Java
    Small utility library for using handlers and commands with pipelines.
  • Java ASCII Render

    2.8 4.8 Java
    Graphical primitives for the console.
  • Orson-Charts

    2.8 7.2 Java
    Generates a wide variety of 3D charts that can be displayed with Swing and JavaFX or exported to PDF, SVG, PNG and JPEG. (GPL-3.0-only)
  • microconfig

    2.8 8.3 Java
    Configuration system designed for microservices which helps to separate configuration from code. The configuration for different services can have common and specific parts and can be dynamically distributed.
  • reMap

    2.7 6.7 Java
    Lambda and method handle-based mapping which requires code and not annotations if objects have different names.
  • Liberica JDK

    2.7 5.8 Dockerfile
    Built from OpenJDK, thoroughly tested and passed the JCK.
  • JCuda

    2.7 2.0 Java
    JCuda offers Java bindings for CUDA and CUDA-related libraries.
  • javalin

    2.7 7.4 CSS
    Javalin is just a few thousand lines of code on top of Jetty, which means its performance is almost equivalent to pure Jetty.
  • zerocell

    2.6 3.2 Java
    Annotation-based API for reading data from Excel sheets into POJOs with focus on reduced overhead.
  • LogicNG

    2.6 8.0 Java
    LogicNG Library for creating, manipulating and solving Boolean and Pseudo-Boolean formulas.
  • dOOv

    2.6 5.3 Java
    Provides fluent API for typesafe domain model validation and mapping. It uses annotations, code generation and a type safe DSL to make bean validation and mapping fast and easy.
  • methanol

    2.5 8.7 Java
    HTTP client extensions library.
  • SSLContext-Kickstart

    2.5 8.9 Java
    High-level SSL context builder for configuring HTTP clients with SSL/TLS.
  • ActiveJ

    2.5 9.0 Java
    Lightweight asynchronous framework built from the ground up for developing high-performance web applications.
  • Wisp

    2.5 2.7 Java
    Simple library with minimal footprint and straightforward API.

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