The Most Popular Java libraries
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  • Apache Spark

    Data analytics cluster computing framework.
  • Guava

    9.9 8.9 L3 Utility
    Collections, caching, primitives support, concurrency libraries, common annotations, string processing, I/O, and so forth.
  • Netty

    9.8 9.4 L2 Networking
    Framework for building high performance network applications.
  • Disruptor

    9.6 5.7 L4 High Performance
    Inter-thread messaging library.
  • Checkstyle

    9.6 9.5 L3 Code Analysis
    Static analysis of coding conventions and standards.
  • logstash

    9.6 9.1 L4 Logging
    Tool for managing log files.
  • Presto

    9.5 9.8 L2 Database
    Distributed SQL query engine for big data.
  • Akka

    Toolkit and runtime for building concurrent, distributed, and fault tolerant event-driven applications.
  • Pinpoint

    Application performance management tool.
  • Dropwizard

    9.3 9.2 L4 REST Frameworks
    Opinionated framework for setting up modern web applications with Jetty, Jackson, Jersey and Metrics.
  • Druid

    Real-time and historical OLAP data store that excel at aggregation and approximation queries.
  • Infer

    9.3 9.8 Code Analysis
    Tool to produce a list of potential bugs.
  • Realm

    9.4 8.9 L1 Database
    Mobile database to run directly inside phones, tablets or wearables.
  • Spark

    9.2 5.8 L3 REST Frameworks
    Sinatra inspired framework.
  • CoreNLP

    Stanford's CoreNLP provides a set of fundamental tools for tasks like tagging, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis and many more.
  • RocketMQ

    9.4 1.3 Messaging
    A fast, reliable, and scalable distributed messaging platform.
  • Auto

    9.1 7.7 L3 Development
    Collection of source code generators.
  • Apache Camel

    9.0 10.0 L3 Messaging
    Glues together different transport APIs via Enterprise Integration Patterns.
  • OpenRefine

    9.0 9.3 L2 Miscellaneous
    Tool for working with messy data: cleaning, transforming, extending it with web services and linking it to databases.
  • Buck

    9.0 9.9 Build
    A fast build system that encourages the creation of small, reusable modules over a variety of platforms and languages.
  • Apache Tomcat

    9.0 9.8 L1 Server
    Robust all-round server for Servlet and JSP.
  • Jersey

    8.9 0.0 L2 REST Frameworks
    JAX-RS reference implementation.
  • Apache Hive

    8.9 9.6 L1 Database
    Data warehouse infrastructure built on top of Hadoop.
  • nanohttpd

    8.9 2.1 L4 Server
    Tiny, easily embeddable HTTP server.
  • JNA

    8.9 8.0 L1 Native
    Work with native libraries without writing JNI. Also provides interfaces to common system libraries.

    8.9 8.5 L1 Compiler-compiler
    Complex full-featured framework for top-down parsing.
  • Crawler4j

    8.8 6.7 L2 Web Crawling
    Simple and lightweight web crawler.
  • Scylla

    NoSQL data store using the seastar framework, compatible with Apache Cassandra
  • WildFly

    8.6 9.6 L2 Server
    Formerly known as JBoss and developed by Red Hat with extensive Java EE support.
  • graylog

    8.7 9.3 L4 Logging
    Open-source aggregator suited for extended role and permission management.